For more information about these products, circle the appropriate number on the postage-paid reader-reply card in the back of the magazine. If you would like to contact a company directly for more information, a phone number is provided at the end of each product description.

Sealing and Sizing Properties Validated With Packer
The Airpack V, an air-driven, small-item packer, offers sealing, printing, and sizing functions that can be validated immediately.

Designed for pharmaceutical and medical device packaging, Airpack V offers programmable speed, sealing temperature, dwell times, and seal pressure. Odessa Packaging, the manufacturer, says the device's touch- panel controls, print registration, and built-in service records were developed in response to requests from small-medical-product packaging experts.

Call 800-633-7726, or fax (302) 653-8612.
Circle #258

25455P79DChange Air and Gas Filters With Costs in Mind
By using the Economizer, Ultrafilter believes you can change filter elements on a cost-effective schedule. The Economizer can be programmed with information such as electricity prices and the cost of changing the element. The device monitors the filter's contamination level and calculates the cost of additional energy used. It then compares this information with the cost of changing the element and lights an alarm when it is most cost effective to make the change.

The manufacturer suggests using the Economizer and its Superplus filter to create an integrated system solution where filter element costs are concerned.

Call 800-543-3634 or (770) 448-3363.
Circle #268

Operators Use Stand to Test More Quickly
New Age Industries says operators can test a part as quickly as they can put it on the model MRD-T test stand. The company has developed this test stand to function with the Rockwell-scale hardness tester.

The stand allows for benchtop operation when testing small parts with awkward configurations. A clamping feature enables small bars and rods to be cantilevered out from the tester for testing on the ends. This clamping feature is independent of the tester, which can be installed or removed from the stand while a part is clamped in position.

Call (215) 657-6040, or fax (215) 657-1697.
Circle #259

Camera Specific to Machine Vision Applications
Eastman Kodak has developed a camera for the machine vision market. The Megaplus camera provides a spatial resolution of more than 1 million pixels with a 1,008-by-1,018-pixel sensor array, electronic shuttering, and a speed of 15 frames per second.

Kodak says the camera, model ES 1.0/MV (machine vision), has a standard digital interface that is compatible with two dozen frame grabbers, weighs less than 1.5 pounds, and can withstand dust and vibrations found in industrial settings.

Call (619) 535-2908, or fax (619) 792-3179.
Circle #260

25455P79APrecision Belts Made of Unique Polyurethane
Scapa Precision Belts has created a line of precision, fabric-reinforced, endless polyurethane belts based on para-phenylene diisocyanate (PPDI). Scapa says it uses PPDI instead of high-performance urethanes because PPDI belts maintain resilience over a broader temperature range.

Scapa says belts made from PPDI have low internal heat generation and run cooler in applications where there is a high hysteresis or amibent temperature. PPDI also offers abrasion resistance.

Call (603) 890-1220, or fax (603) 890-1225.
Circle #274

Electronically Maintain Concentration of Chemicals
This electronic system automatically monitors and maintains preselected concentration levels of liquid chemicals through a conductivity probe in the solution tank. The Conductivity Control System 892 plugs into a 110-volt outlet and activates a feed pump if the chemical solution drops below the selected level.

Three conductivity control ranges are offered: 0 to 2,000, 0 to 20,000, and 0 to 200,000 micromhos. The manufacturer, Oakite Products, designed the system to include concentration alarms, a fouled sensor alarm, and a chemical-resistant feed pump.

Call 800-526-4473, or fax (908) 464-4658.
Circle #261

Spectrophotometer Has Benchmark Design
The Spectraflash SF450 is a compact spectrophotometer with a benchtop design for use in a production setting.

The SF450 offers advanced sample presentation and viewing systems, automatic lens positioning, and an automatic ultraviolet calibration for measuring and controlling fluorescent specimens. Datacolor, the designer, says users can also request the system with vertical orientation.

Call 800-982-6497, or fax (704) 329-9925.
Circle #263

Manage and Process Data With Dynacomp Software
Dynacomp says any information related to a part or process can be kept together in one database file with its Timesaver software. Timesaver allows the user to create multiple database files for individual applications or processes and accepts data from virtually any measurement device.

The software was developed to help users manage and analyze large amounts of process data in database file format. Data can then be accessed through spreadsheets, word processing programs, and statistical process control charts.

Call (706) 346-9788, or e-mail info@dynacompsoftware.com.
Circle #264

Digital Temperature Indicator Is PC Compatible
The Doric 5000 is a PC-compatible digital temperature indicator and data logger. The manufacturer, Doric Instruments, says the indicator can be used as a PC-based display and data-gathering and -logging system.

Configuration can be conducted from the front panel, including calibration of sensor input type, sampling rate, and limit settings. Front panel setup commands can be executed from a PC using Doric 5000 Windows-based software.

Call 888-423-6742 or (619) 569-1601.
Circle #265

Generator Warns Operator of Low Concentrations
The Balston Monobed Nitrogen Generator is said to be capable of producing up to 2,600 standard cubic feet per hour of high-purity compressed nitrogen at a dew point lower than -40š Fahrenheit.

Whatman, the manufacturer, ships the generator with an oxygen analyzer to monitor the oxygen concentration of the nitrogen stream. Whatman says that the generator continuously transforms compressed air into nitrogen at safe, regulated pressures, with little operator attention because an audible alarm signals high or low oxygen concentrations.

Call 800-343-4048 or (978) 858-0625.
Circle #266

Microscope Specifically Designed for Manufacturers
Professionals in electronics, metallurgy, semiconductor design, and manufacturing can consider Nikon when evaluating industrial microscopes. Nikon says the design of its Eclipse ME-600P microscope makes for strain-free operation through hours of use in a production environment.

The ME-600P upright, reflected-light microscope is designed for episcopic illumination and offers manufacturers the ability to custom-configure each system to individual requirements.

Call 800-526-4566 or (516) 547-4200.
Circle #267

Eliminate Manual Data Entry With PocketLog Software
PocketLog software offers a way to move statistical process control data from the factory floor to the PC at the end of each shift.

Tescina, the developer, says the software produces reports showing who recorded what data and when the data were taken. The data can then be analyzed via a PC and fed back to the factory floor.

PocketLog software runs on the Palm Computing platform and Windows 95, 98, or NT.

Call (510) 713-8001, or e-mail oliverks@tescina.com.
Circle #269

25455P82View Flaws in Timebase or Phase Analysis Mode
Centurion NDT says its microprocessor-based impedance plane instrument offers a large screen for viewing flaw indicators in phase analysis or timebase mode.

The ED-1100 is an impedance plane eddy-current testing instrument. It can be used for quality testing of incoming raw materials, finished product quality control, and checking materials for fatigue. Besides measuring coating thickness, the eddy-current instrument also sorts magnetic and nonmagnetic materials according to hardness, alloy type, and heat-treat condition.

Centurion NDT believes the instrument is ideal for use in the aerospace, automotive, military, aviation, heat treating, and welding industries.

Call (847) 884-4949, or fax (847) 884-8772.
Circle #262

Measure Torque Clockwise or Counterclockwise
The HIT-200 torque meter measures the torque of impact tools, air drivers, and torque wrenches in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. The meter is for torques from 15 to 180 pounds of force.

The manufacturer, ASG, says the meter has an accuracy of ±1% of indicated readings. Below 20% of capacity, accuracy is ±1% of indicated readings ±1 digit. The meter has an audible signal to alert users when a desired torque level reaches peak or first-peak mode.

Call (216) 486-6163, or fax (216) 481-4519.
Circle #270

Control Chloride, Sulfide, and Other Gas Pressure
Concoa says its line of single-stage cylinder gas regulators is designed for primary pressure control of highly corrosive gases such as chlorides, sulfides, and other acid-forming gases.

This series of regulators, series 455, features nickel-plated forged brass bodies and stainless-steel diaphragms. Concoa says the regulators have Hastelloy nozzle assembly, a captured vent, and a high-load marginal spring for positive seat closure.

Call 800-225-0473 or (201) 358-0336.
Circle #271

Organize Your Automated Shipping System
Qualtech says you can weigh, pack, label, and document shipments for on-line systems with its model 8000 shipping station.

The shipping station provides a surge-protected power strip, lockable cabinet, keyboard tray, and adjustable drawers to accommodate any PC and printer. Qualtech says a scale shelf can be added, as can shipping-label dispensers and side pockets.

Call (414) 637-1212, or fax (414) 637-5285.
Circle #273

Software Ensures Consistency for Cutting Operations
Vericut 4.1 software from CGTech decreases the process of manually working numerical control programs by simulating the material removal process on a computer. Based on the amount of material removed by each cut segment, the program automatically calculates and inserts improved feed rates when necessary. The information is then applied to a new tool path.

The software determines and sets optimum feed rates for milling, drilling, turning, and mill/turn machining operations. Spindle speeds can also be optimized to maintain a constant surface speed at the maximum contact diameter on the cutter.

Call (949) 753-1050, or fax (949) 753-1053.
Circle #275

Remove Alien Components of Digitized Signals
Fairchild Semiconductor says foreign components of digitized or reconstructed signals in a video system can be removed with its TMC2242C digital filter. The filter allows the operator to handle two interleaved data streams with one device.

This dual-channel digital filter offers different modes of operation: one- or two-channel decimation or interpolation; equal rate; or bypass. The output sample rate can be one-half, one, or two times the input sample rate.

Call (619) 457-1000, or fax (619) 455-6314.
Circle #276

JC Systems Adds Features to Environmental Controllers
JC Systems has updated its models 600 and 620 environmental chamber controllers. The controllers are for temperature, humidity, altitude, and other functions.

According to JC Systems, the improved models, 600A and 620A, feature vacuum fluorescent displays, front-panel shields, and 150% quicker microprocessors over previous models. Both models are equipped with two fully independent controller channels plus a 99-program, 200-step, 16-event setpoint programmer.

Call (619) 793-7117, or fax (619) 793-1931.
Circle #277

Estimate Product Noise and Sound Quality
R.H. Lyon has created a quality assurance system that forecasts product noise and sound quality by using process measurements to identify defects and diagnose causes.

The R.H. Lyon Quality Assurance System features a custom-engineered manipulate load and drive system with sensors and actuators. A workstation performs diagnostic signal analysis of process variables such as sound and vibration, current, voltage, pressure, and flow.

The manufacturer says the system is ideal for the automobile, compressor, and medical product industries.

Call (617) 864-7260, or fax (617) 864-0779.
Circle #278

25615PG102Camera Developed for Vision Applications
Cognex has released a video camera specifically for use in industrial machine vision applications. The CVC-1000 was developed by Sony according to Cognex's requirements. Sony will manufacture the CVC-1000 exclusively for Cognex.

Cognex says this is the first camera for industrial machine vision needs that combines high-speed image acquisition and enhanced image quality with a compact size and flexible control options. The camera is able to acquire full frame images at a rate of 60 frames per second over a single channel.

Call (508) 650-3000, or fax (508) 650-3333.
Circle #272

Software Provides Two-Way Communication Link
The Management Information and Control System (MIACS) software from Cintex is a PC-based network package that stores an unlimited number of menus. Cintex says the system can access statistical data from up to 32 different Cintex metal detectors, checkweighers, and X-ray machines, making it ideal for hazard analysis critical control point validation.

MIACS features remote monitoring from one location, time and date stamping, and data reporting. Cintex says the software can interface with non-Cintex machines and has the ability to send an unlimited number of product menus to all machines on the network.

Call (414) 657-7848, or fax (708) 301-6413.
Circle #279

Solids and Surface Modeler Combined by NCCS
A computer-aided, fully associative, five-axis machining system has been integrated with a parametric 3-D solids and surface modeler. The result is the VX/NCL system from Numerical Control Computer Sciences (NCCS).

The package integrates two of NCCS's existing products into one system, adding tool generation to modeling and data translation. NCCS says models originating in the system are immediately available for multi-axis machining, and any change to a model will result in a direct adjustment to the generated tool path.

Call (949) 553-1077, or fax (949) 553-1911.
Circle #280

Manage Information Flow Throughout an Organization
Winspex is a software product helping to manage the flow of documents throughout an organization. The developer, IMAS, says the system manages the creation, maintenance, and distribution of documents such as finished-goods specifications, word processing documents, and bills of materials.

The developer says a Winspex user could instantly find where a document is within the system and obtain the document's history of adjustments.

Call (847) 608-7566, or fax (847) 608-7848.
Circle #281

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