For more information about these products, circle the appropriate number on the postage-paid reader-reply card in the back of the magazine. If you would like to contact a company directly for more information, a phone number is provided at the end of each product description.

25455pg79c.jpg (19225 bytes)Optical Encoder Discs for Precision Positioning

Photofabrication Engineering has created a full line of photoetched optical encoder discs for any industrial, military, or aerospace applications that require precision positioning.

The company says it has created discs with different line counts, tracks, and materials. Materials include stainless steel, nickel, and beryllium copper.

Call (508) 478-2025 or fax (508) 478-3582. Circle #251

Print Measurement and Test Results in Remote Locations

Test results obtained in any environment can be printed with the DPU-3445 handheld printer. The printer, from Seiko Instruments USA, meets the Infrared Data Association (IrDA) 1.0 standard and provides cordless interface for wireless printing.

The printer weighs 370 grams, features a lithium-ion battery with an external charger, and has 4K bit internal memory. Text, numbers, lines, and boxes can be printed in two font sizes at a print speed of 50 millimeters per second and a resolution of eight dots per millimeter.

Call 800-553-6750 or fax (310) 517-8154. Circle #284

Verify Instrument Performance With Linearity Tests

Ultrasonic (UT) verification is typically required to be conducted on a periodic basis. To accommodate this need, ABB AMDATA has created the CALin linearity tester, allowing users to test UT instruments both vertically and horizontally.

According to the designer, the CALin removes operator variability, is traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology via its factory calibration, and is compatible with many UT instruments regardless of the manufacturer.

Call ABB AMDATA at (860) 688-2400 or fax (860) 688-2722. Circle #287

Gas Monitor Operates on 9-Volt Battery

Quest Technologies says its Safe Test 90 gas monitor averages more than 5,000 hours of 9-volt battery life. The company also says the monitor can average approximately 10,000 hours from a 9-volt lithium battery.

Designed to measure oxygen, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide, Safe Test 90 monitors can interchange the smart sensors while retaining calibration information, a backlit LCD, and basic setup and calibration operations.

Call 800-245-0779 or fax (414) 567-4047. Circle #285

Static and Dynamic Accuracy Testing for Machine Tools

25455PG79AThe VM 182 comparator system determines the dynamic and static positioning accuracy, repeatability, and guideway error within the linear axis of a machine tool. Heidenhain, the manufacturer, says the VM 182 distinguishes multiple error components, and is suitable for acceptance testing, inspection, and the calibration of machine tools and measuring equipment.

The comparator system is accurate to ±1.5 microns in a transverse direction. It can be used for equipment with linear transverse distances up to 1,520 millimeters while covering lateral movements of ±1 millimeter.

Call (847) 490-1191 or fax (847) 490-3931. Circle #290

Convert ISO 9000, Other Data Into Printable Reports

PROQUIS 9000 is a software program that streamlines the implementation and maintenance of ISO 9000 and 14000, QS-9000, and other quality-related industry standards through the use of 10 individual yet integrated modules. Modules include the base module, customer care, document control, failure mode effects analysis, and an audit and management review.

PROQUIS says its software reduces the time involved in analyzing data, offers document-management facilities, and reminds the user of key due dates.

For more information call (847) 768-6630 or fax (847) 768-6921. Circle #288

Turnkey System Inspects Complex Parts in 3-D

The ShapeGrabber system from Vitana offers a computer-aided inspection system for part-to-computer added design verification and inspection.

Included with the ShapeGrabber is a scanning head, translation stage, acquisition and inspection software, training materials, and PC. Fixturing has been simplified to streamline scan alignment and reduce noise.

Call (613) 749-4455 or fax (643) 749-4087. Circle #289

Microscope Combines Spectroscopy, 2-D Imaging

The Raman Imaging Microscope scans to a resolution of 1 micron and spectral resolution down to 0.2 centimeters-1, providing graphic output in the form of 2-D Raman images, and 2-D and 3-D spectral plots.

Renishaw says this microscope was created for research and quality inspection of semi- and superconductors, carbon fibers, pharmaceuticals, and diamond films.

Call (847) 843-3666 or fax (847) 843-1744. Circle #291

Analyzer Combines Sphere and LED Technologies

The Color-Guide Sphere by BYK-Gardner is a portable instrument able to perform color measurements in any environment. The color-guide's built-in software allows the user to transfer color data directly to Windows applications.

After placing the device on the area to be analyzed, the color-guide displays the values required to quantify the color. BYK-Gardner says that by using the color meter instead of visual inspection, quality practitioners can assign colormetric values based on defined standards required to quantify each color.

Call (310) 787-1940 or fax (310) 787-1970. Circle #292

New Software Designed for Object Management

Management Software has issued Release 5.0 of its THExPert Integrated Quality Management System software.

Release 5.0 links, moves, and posts all types of electronic objects. The manufacturer says this technology improves the quality management process and increases the business performance of the entire organization. Management Software also believes its software can help move a company's quality management effort into the more powerful object management realm.

Call (781) 279-1919, ext. 228, or (781) 279-1919, ext. 231. Circle #293

Size and Shape Analyzer for Laboratory Environments

Designed specifically for use in the laboratory, the CPA LAB is a computerized photo-optical analysis system that performs particle size distribution and shape analysis.

The manufacturer, W.S. Tyler, says the analyzer's focused size ranges from 53-micron to 1.5-inch materials.

Call W.S. Tyler at 800-321-6188 or (440) 974-1047. Circle #286

Coating System Provides Four Measurement Disciplines

The CMI 700 Series is a microprocessor-controlled instrument that measures many combinations of coatings and substances.

Coating Measurement Instruments says the system can measure nearly any combination of coatings, and display and print statistics and charts. Four dry-type relay outputs provide additional system flexibility.

Call 800-678-1117 or (847) 439-4404. Circle #294

Portable Analyzer Suitable for Three Industries

LabSpec Pro is a 15-pound quality control tool that offers different probes and sampling accessories to measure liquids, powders, and slurries to meet laboratory quality assurance/quality control needs.

The manufacturer, Analytical Spectral Devices, says the LabSpec Pro's wavelength range can penetrate plastic bags, bottles, or glass vials so samples can be tested in their original containers.

Call (303) 444-6522 or (303) 444-6825. Circle #295

Inspection Software for Cross-Sectional Scanning

Points, lines, arcs, circles, and roundness analyses can be measured through proprietary algorithms with SpecCheck software from CGI.

The designer says the software uses the manufacturer's part to create a dimensional template. This template is then used to automatically dimension subsequent parts. Each 2-D cross-sectional measurement is put into standard statistical process control or production part approval process format.

SpecCheck processes an average of of 1 million points per second and is supported by both Windows and NT environments.

Call 800-207-4318 or fax (612) 937-3018. Circle #297

Williamson Sensors Measure Product Temperature

25455PG79BThe TempMatic 4200 Series sensor from Williamson provides calibration stability for short-wavelength, single-wavelength sensors at temperatures as low as 50° Celsius.

The patented auto-null compensation is automatic and continuous over the full temperature range of the sensor as the sensor recalibrates itself 150 times per second.

Call 800-300-8367 or (978) 369-9607. Circle #296

Meter Tests Materials Under Controlled Conditions

The Model 406D static decay meter determines the electrostatic dissipation performance of materials.

Electro-Tech Systems says the decay meter is a completely self-contained system consisting of two components: the control unit and Faraday test cage. According to the manufacturer, this design allows the test cage to be placed within a humidity-control chamber to allow material testing under controlled environmental conditions.

Call (215) 887-2196 or fax (215) 887-0131. Circle #298

Feedback Software Supports ISO 9002 Registration

The Quality Feedback System (QFS) is an integrated manufacturing execution system used to collect quality and production data, generate reports, and guide production processes.

Version 2.0 of this software features Microsoft Excel and offers support for ISO 9000 endeavors, particularly ISO 9002 registration.

Automation Programming says the QFS Version 2.0 can further integrate and improve the overall production process by improving the quality and flow manufacturing of serialized products.

Call 800-258-7022 or (415) 550-8000. Circle #299

Flexible Grid-Based Sensor Acts as I-Scan System

The I-Scan system from Tekscan offers a 0.08-millimeter-thick sensor composed of conductive and semi-conductive inks. The intersecting points of the grid's conductive rows and columns form the sensing locations.

The computerized system electronically scans and measures the change in resistance at each sensing cell to determine the timing, force, and location of contacts on its surface. The user can view this information statically or dynamically in 2-D or 3-D displays.

Call 800-248-3669 or fax (617) 464-4266. Circle #300

Contour Measuring Unit Offers Digital Scale on Z-Axis

Mitutoyo says its CV-524 general purpose contracer evaluates manufacturing processes, develops new work piece specifications, and performs detailed contour analysis.

The Windows 95 PC-based system uses icons to guide the user from setup through final measurement and report generation. The unit offers a digital scale on the Z-axis, manual control of the X/Z drives, measurement start and stop, and stylus up-and-down motions.

Call (630) 820-9666 or fax (630) 820-7413. Circle #250

Motion Control System for Packaging Applications

A high-torque brushless motor, digital drive, molded cables, and setup software are included with the AXI-PAK servo-axis package.

Thomson Industries says the turnkey motion-control package can operate as a standalone drive or can be connected to a motion controller for complex or multi-axis systems.

Call (516) 883-8000 or fax (516) 883-9039. Circle #252

New Processor Uploads Data Acquisition Quickly

SoMat says its 2100 Turbo processor has a speed from 9 to 33 megahertz, allowing engineers to collect more channels of data at faster sampling rates.

The Turbo 2100 incorporates the concept of DataModes. According to the manufacturer, this feature allows for data validation and data reduction as the data are being collected. As a result, edited and validated data can be immediately transferred from a field test to the lab.

Call (217) 328-5359 or fax (217) 328-6576. Circle #253

Proximity Sensor Line for Hazardous Environments

NAMUR sensors are two-wire sensing devices that do not require large amounts of energy. Building on this technology, MTL has released a sensor line that includes inductive and capacitive sensors in different mechanical packages.

Miniatures, standard barrel sensors, limit switch styles, and cylinder sensors are available from the line. The manufacturer says this line of sensors meets factory mutual requirements and is approved for Class I, Class II, and Class III Division 1 and Division 2 environments.

Call (603) 926-0090 or fax (603) 926-1899. Circle #254

Fiberoptic Sensors Have Automatic Calibration

A new fiberoptic sensor series offers three models of sensor amplifers and various fiber units.

Amelar Communications says its FS-T model, which is included in the series, is the smallest fiberoptic amplifier design available. Measuring 9 millimeters wide, the company believes the amplifier can be mounted anywhere.

Other features of the series include a one- or zero-line connection system, a turbo mode amplifier, and fiber units with a bending radius of 2 millimeters.

Call (201) 930-0100 or fax (201) 930-1883. Circle #255

Software Integrates Plants Into Information System

InSite, a Windows NT-based plant information system, collects and organizes data from multiple sources on the plant floor.

The developer, Camstar, says the software provides consistent control over critical manufacturing resources. InSite was designed to connect the plant to the company with real-time visibility into plant operations.

Call (408) 559-5700 or e-mail janetw@camstar.com. Circle #256

Collect and Output Data From Several Devices

The Qualitron FlexCable is a line of single-input gauge interfaces that convert the output of any manufacturer's gauge into a standard RS232 output format or a Mitutoyo-compatible system.

Qualitron Systems says the FlexCable supports more than 400 different gauges and can collect data from other devices such as calipers, micrometers, indicators, torque wrenches, pressure sensors, instruments, and scales.

Call (248) 616-8001 or fax (248) 616-8016. Circle #257

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