25330PG7 For more information about these products, circle the appropriate number on the postage-paid reader-reply card in the back of the magazine. If you would like to contact a company directly for more information, a phone number is provided at the end of each product description.

Video Training Program Explains Geometric Tolerancing

Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) is the focus of a video tutorial from Effective Training. Based on the ASME Y14.5M-1994 dimensioning standard, this 10-tape program is divided into 30 lessons, each focusing on a particular aspect of GD&T.

The lessons average 30 minutes with a final quiz that measures the student's understanding. The program includes an instructor's guide, reproducible handouts, and a workbook for students. Alex Krulikowski, a 30-year veteran of dimensioning, acts as the video course instructor.

Call (734) 728-0909 or fax (734) 728-1260. Circle #260

Optical Isolation Technology Included in Signal Conditioning Modules

The ADAM-3000 Signal Conditioning Modules from American Advantech take advantage of optical isolation technology to provide full three-way (input/output/power) isolation to 1,000 volts.

American Advantech says these modules can process a wide range of sensor and transducer signals while providing protection against the effects of ground loops, motor noise, and other types of electrical interference.

Call 800-800-6889. Circle #261

Lightweight System Created for Precision Angle Measurement

The ThetaScan T100 dual-axis angle measurement system was designed by Micro-Radian Instruments to measure angles and angular motion. The system can also be used to measure subarc-second precision alignment, determine angular displacement, or act as a real-time error signal.

The system's optical head weighs 1.1 pounds and measures 5.17 inches by 1.7 inches by 1.7 inches. The system measures to a resolution of 0.1 arcsecond. The complete T100 system includes the T100 optical head and the ThetaScan E2 electronic unit.

Call 800-766-4133, (760) 744-4133, or fax (760) 744-5071. Circle #269

AAVID Adds Lighter Cap Coolers to Line

AAVID Thermal Products has added lighter cap coolers to its product line. They remove damaging heat caused by input power fluctuations such as voltage ripple in applications ranging from power supplies to resistance welders. The caps act as both heat sinks and mounting clips, utilizing natural or forced convection cooling through a two-piece extrusion.

AAVID says that although its newest cap coolers are smaller and lighter than existing caps, they are able to reduce the internal core temperature of 3-inch-diameter electrolytic capacitors.

Call (603) 223-1725 or (617) 536-0470. Circle #262

Software Helps Simplify Video Measuring

The VIA-300 measuring, archiving, and transmittal system is the first Windows-based product to come from Boeckeler.

With the use of a Boeckeler knob controller, recommended PC, and frame grabber, the software can be used to store an image, measure or mark on a live or stored image, transmit the image with voice and text files over a network or the Internet, and print the image with or without the VIA overlay.

The software includes measurement features for X, Y, XY, and particle counting, and has marking features such as text labeling. It can align the markers over the image as a go/no-go gauge.

Call 800-552-2262 or (520) 745-0001. Circle #263

Programmable Pulse Generator Offers Accuracy and Flexibility

Hewlett Packard's new HP 81101A 50 megahertz programmable pulse generator is designed to provide a clean pulse at 50-megahertz and offer timing changes that are free of dropout and other imperfections.

The generator offers fast variable transition time and flexible amplitude and duty cycles. It helps engineers in manufacturing and service provisioning perform parametric verification tests on digital devices and systems.

Call (408) 553-7089 or call 800-452-4844, ext. 6199 Circle #264

Windows-Based Program Tracks Daily Quality Assurance Functions

The Quality Assurance Tracking System (QATS) from Sonoma Precision Manufacturing tracks a variety of day-to-day quality assurance functions in a manufacturing environment. The program provides accurate information on all quality issues in real time.

Adaptable to any manufacturing organization, QATS allows the user to pinpoint quality deficiencies in manufacturing processes and establishes a closed-loop system for nonconforming materials to ensure proper disposition. Nonconformance reporting, an inspection log, calibration control/recall, and a selection of reports and graphs can be generated from this program.

Call (707) 576-1500 or e-mail qa@spmco.com. Circle #265

25330PG8Wall Gauge Measures to Accuracy of ±0.5%

The new CHECK*LINE TI-40 Ultra-sonic Wall Thickness Gauge measures the thickness and extent of corrosion on all metals, ceramics, and most rigid plastics.

The measuring range of the TI-40 is 0.04 inches to 8 inches with a resolution of 0.001 inches and an accuracy of ±0.5%.

The gauge's spring-loaded centering shell permits right-angle measurements on small cylindrical parts such as pipes, tubes, and rods. The shell can be removed for measuring in areas with limited access space.

Call at 800-645-4330 or fax (516) 295-4399. Circle #266

Data Processing Feature Added to Torque Wrench Tester

The updated DOTE2 Torque Wrench Tester from Tohnichi includes the same features of its DOTE model, but now has a data processing function with RS232C output. The data-storage capability allows data retrieval and output when used with a printer.

The bidirectional benchtop unit has a loading bar for more accuracy in assembly operations. Tohnichi says the wrench's horizontal positioning eliminates deadweight correction and makes mounting easy. The DOTE2 also features a digital display and a wide swing angle.

Call (847) 272-8480 or fax (847) 272-8714. Circle #272

Linear DC Motor Used in Testing System

MTS Systems believes that its Tytron 250 system is the most accurate system for low-force static and dynamic testing of microelectronics components, plastics, metals, and basic materials.

Powered by a linear DC motor, the system has a load capacity from 0.001 newtons to 250 newtons and a frequency of up to 50 hertz. The manufacturer says mechanical cycling through the Tytron 250 system can shorten testing to a few days.

Call 800-925-0505, or e-mail info@mts.com. Circle #267

Modular Automation Equipment Moves Under Different Process Heads

Engineered to provide a step-and-repeat motion platform regardless of tasks such as microresistance welding, dispensing, or hot bar soldering, the Model 2100 Step and Repeat X, Y positioning system has been created by Martek Automation. The semi- or fully automated work cell accomplishes various manufacturing operations through custom tailored tooling and a PC control system.

The Model 2100 can be configured for three levels of automation, including Surface Mount Equipment Manufactur-ers Association-compatible in-line system, magazine-to-magazine system, and manually loaded semiautomatic system.

Call 888-440-4010 or (619) 471-8841, or fax (619) 471-8876. Circle #268

Zoom Emission Microscope Combines Speed and Sensitivity

Hypervision says its wheeled emissions microscope system needs less than 10 minutes to make both emission and illuminated images at a test head. Hypervision's PTF1 gets additional speed from a zoom optics system on an emission microscope.

The system's zoom optics train extends to 26 inches to accommodate even the thickest test heads. Hypervision believes the system's camera is particularly successful when imaging weak emission from functional failures.

Call (510) 651-7768 or fax (510) 651-1415. Circle #270

Test Management Software Addresses Production Test Requirements

Organizing, controlling, and running automated production test systems is the focus of a test management product from National Instruments. TestStand is a customizable software product adaptable to a wide range of production test systems. Test sequencing, looping, branching, and conditional execution and control are among its features.

TestStand is optimized for execution with a 32-bit execution engine that maximizes production capacity and minimizes capital equipment test expenditures.

Call 800-258-7022 or fax (512) 683-8411. Circle #271

Windows NT Software Assists in Flow Business Strategy

American Software says its visual flow manufacturing software is the first dedicated to flow solutions to assist Windows NT users. The software supports the mixed-model production of discrete products, accommodating manufacturers using flow manufacturing techniques such as lean agile, just-in-time, and demand-based manufacturing.

The software uses a graphical line design to establish and optimize the correct design for each production line while interactively configuring a balanced, mixed-model manufacturing line.

Call (404) 261-4381 or fax (404) 264-5209. Circle #273

Software Provides HACCP, Vendor Certification Documentation

Safenet Plus software from Safeline Metal Detection can provide processors with the documentation needed to comply with hazard analysis critical control point and vendor certification programs.

Safeline says the software is ideal for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and plastics processors using metal detectors to inspect raw, bulk, or packaged product. The revised software can run reports such as time-and-date-stamped rejection and individual detector settings. Users can customize reports and export information to other applications.

Call 800-447-4439, (813) 889-9500, or fax (813) 881-0840. Circle #274

Statistical Routines for Quality Control, Experimental Design Offered in Software

STATAGRAPHICS Plus Version 4 from Manugistics Group has the ability to assist in selecting the appropriate analysis for collecting and analyzing data. Manugistics says the software offers acceptance control charts for processes with a high Cpk and several special-purpose control charts, including toolwear charts for data with a built-in linear trend.

The revised package includes support for four-digit dates, an autosave option, consolidated graphics options dialogue box, and the ability to save user-defined preferences.

Call (301) 984-5450 or fax (301) 984-5370. Circle #275

Submicrometer Instrument Available for Flat-Form Metrology

The Tropel FlatMaster 200 is a submicrometer optical instrument for noncontact flat-form measurement of precision components. Carl Zeiss IMT designed the instrument for lab and plant-floor use, and says its accuracy exceeds 0.15 micrometers for both reflective and nonreflective surfaces.

A laser-based interferometer illuminates the surface of flat parts while capturing, analyzing, and displaying up to 60,000 data points in 3-D profile in less than 30 seconds.

Call 800-752-6181 or (612) 533-9990. Circle #277

Software Streamlines Analysis of Quality Improvement Data

Statit Express QC from Statware is designed to show users where and how incremental improvements can be made to ensure optimal quality, consumer satisfaction, and cost containment.

Statware says the product is ideal for manufacturing and health care organizations new to quality control methods and for users working independently to evaluate quality information.

Functions include periodic review of quality data, industry-standard quality control analyses, and access to locally stored data or data stored in a central database.

Call 800-475-2892 or (541) 753-5382. Circle #278

Decision-Analysis CD-ROM Designed for Teams and Organizations

Definitive Scenario-Business Edition is a CD-ROM that creates a graphical model of a process and displays the likelihood of possible outcomes. Definitive Software says the product contains modeling and analysis capabilities, yet is organized around a user-friendly interface.

Process models can be saved to a disk, allowing other team members to modify them and perform simulations and what-if scenarios without having to install the software themselves.

Call 800-732-9414 or (303) 460-0100. Circle #279

Instructional Program Describes Electrical Signal Measurement

American Technical Publishers and Fluke have created a training package on the use of digital multimeters (DMMs). The program, Digital Multi-meter Principles, is recommended for use in company training programs and classes with a DMM focus.

The training package includes a textbook, instructor's guide, class outline, 42 transparencies, two videotapes, components kit, two supplemental books, competency skills checklist, and certificate of completion.

Call 800-323-3471 or fax (708) 957-1137. Circle #280

25330PG9Single Shop-Floor Instrument Measures Inside Diameters

Federal Products says its Tri-Bore Gage offers a long measurement range of up to 0.59 inches (15 millimeters) to measure bores of different diameters.

The pistol-grip device uses a trigger-like lever to retract the contacts, allowing access into bores and restricted entry holes. Designed to perform quick comparative measurements in an industrial setting, the Tri-Bore Gage features three gauging contacts at 120 degrees. Federal says the gauge can be used to explore parts for three-point lobing and taper conditions.

Call 800-333-4243 or (401) 784-3100, or fax (401) 784-3246. Circle #276

Vision Test Systems Offers Four-Channel Digital Vibration Controller

Vibration Test Systems (VTS) has created a vibration control system that converts a PC into an instrument that provides operating screen displays and electronic control panel indications. The DVC-4 Controller includes software and a small interface card that plugs into a PC connecting the control package.

VTS says its DVC-4 Controller features full four-channel monitor and control, and operates in swept-sine, random, or classical shock control mode. It includes current sources for accelerometers. The controller can operate with any vibration system.

Call (330) 562-5729 or fax (330) 562-1186. Circle #281

Double-Probe Sensor Head Measures Moisture Content

Moisture Sensors has released the double-probe MX4DP sensor. It measures moisture in the production of cereals, powders, granulates, and pellets using modified microwave sensors.

According to the company, the sensor fits into existing hoppers and does not require extra pipework, engineering, or moving parts. The MX4DP can be used to determine water content in percentage or grams and can monitor drying as well as incoming materials.

Call (212) 745-0446. Circle #282

Dickson Line of Data Loggers Stores 8,000 Sample Points

Dickson has added three economy data loggers to its current line of manufacturing measuring and recording instruments. The TL120 model is for temperature and humidity, model SL100 is for single temperature, and model SL120 is for dual-channel temperature with remote probe.

Dickson says each of the loggers can be placed where data is to be logged. The logger's cable can then be plugged into a PC, where DicksonWare software handles data viewing, graphing, and printing functions.

Call 800-322-2448 or (630) 543-3747, or fax 800-676-0498. Circle #283


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