1-2 ASQ Education Course. After the Audit: Benefiting from the Audit Process. Denver, CO. Also on May 27-28 in Anaheim, CA, and June 8-9 in Milwaukee, WI.

1-2 Annual Conference. Quality in the Space and Defense Industries. Cape Canaveral, FL. Sponsored by the ASQ Aviation/Space and Defense Division. Call Susan Jones at (254) 776-3550 or e-mail susanj@sgmeet.com.

1-2 Short Course. FMEA Fundamentals. Cleveland, OH. Call the Society of Manufacturing Engineers at 800-733-4763 or (313) 271-1500.

1-3 ASQ Education Course. Implementing and Auditing an ISO 9000 Quality System. Baltimore, MD. Also on June 28-30 in Milwaukee, WI.

1-5 Short Course. Construction Inspection and Quality Control of Building Construction. Madison, WI. Call Department of Engineering Professional Development, University of Wisconsin-Madison, at 800-462-0876 or (608) 263-4705, or fax (608) 265-3448.

2-5 International Trade Fair for Environmental Technologies and Energy. Leipzig, Germany. Call 800-331-6134 or e-mail tradefair@aol.com.

3-4 ASQ Education Course. Benchmarking for the Competitive Edge. Anaheim, CA. Also on April 19-20 in Milwaukee, WI.

3-4 ASQ Education Course. Linking the Balanced Scorecard to Business. Anaheim, CA. Also on March 24-25 in Atlanta, GA; May 27-28 in Anaheim, CA; and June 17-18 in Milwaukee, WI.

3-4 Short Course. ISO 9000 Implementation. Fremont, CA. Call Business & Quality Management Systems at (510) 739-1071 or e-mail bqms_info@bqms.com.

5 Short Course. ISO 9000: Year 2000 Revisions. Nashville, TN. Call Brewer and Associates at (972) 641-8020 or fax (972) 641-1327.

8-9 ASQ Education Course. Improving Business Performance: ISO 9000 as a Means to Support Compliance in Healthcare. Las Vegas, NV.

8-9 ASQ Education Course. Quality Audits for Improved Performance. Denver, CO. Also on April 13-14 in Milwaukee, WI, and May 3-4 in Seattle, WA.

8-12 ASQ Education Course. Plexus-ASQ Trainer/Coach Foundation Training. Milwaukee, WI. Also on April 12-16 in Detroit, MI; April 26-30 in Las Vegas, NV; May 17-21 in St. Louis, MO; June 7-11 in Baltimore, MD; and June 21-25 in Detroit, MI.

9-10 ASQ Education Course. Quality Cost Principles. Milwaukee, WI.

9-10 Quality Conference. Leading Edge Topics for Performance Excellence Based on Malcolm Baldrige Experiences. New York, NY. Call the Conference Board at (212) 339-0345 or e-mail orders@conference-board.org.

10-11 ASQ Education Course. Customer-Supplier Partnerships. Atlanta, GA. Also on June 29-30 in Milwaukee, WI.

10-11 Seminar. Computer System Validation in FDA-Regulated Industries. Somerset, NJ. Call Validation Associates at (215) 504-9635 or e-mail validassoc@aol.com.

10-12 Tennessee Quality Conference. Knoxville, TN. Call Barbara Beeler at (423) 974-0158.

12-14 ASQ Education Course. Strategic Quality Planning. Minneapolis, MN.

15-17 Conference. ASQ Energy and Environmental Division. Las Vegas, NV. Call 800-248-1946.

15-17 ASQ Education Course. Statistics for Effective Decision Making. Denver, CO. Also on May 4-6 in Milwaukee, WI.

15-17 ASQ Education Course. Baldrige Award Self-Assessment Training for Service Organizations. Milwaukee, WI. Also on June 7-9 in New York, NY.

15-18 Conference. Quality Tools '99. Atlanta, GA. Call Larry Aft at (770) 528-7242 or e-mail laft@spsu.edu.

15-19 ASQ Education Course. Introduction to Quality Engineering. Milwaukee, WI. Also on April 12-16 in Tucson, AZ, and May 3-7 in Milwaukee, WI.

15-19 Workshop. Problem Solving for Teams. Clearwater, FL. Call PDS, Inc. at (727) 443-0313 or fax (727) 441-2934.

15-19 Short Course. Engineering of Measurement Systems for Test & Evaluation. Phoenix, AZ. Call Measurement Systems at 800-632-7797 or e-mail meas-sys@primenet.com.

15-19 Workshop. ISO 14000 Implementation, Documentation, and Internal Auditor. Dallas, TX. Call Diamond Quality Systems at (401) 247-7504 or fax (401) 247-0752.

16-18 Seminar. Aerospace Testing. Manhattan Beach, CA. Sponsored by the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST) and the Aerospace Corp. Call IEST at (847) 255-1561, or e-mail iest@iest.org.

16-18 ASQ Education Course. Measuring and Managing Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty. Chicago, IL. Also on June 8-10 in Raleigh, NC.

17-18 Short Course. Functional Gaging and Inspection Techniques. Schaum-berg, IL. Call Affiliated Educational Consultants at 888-880-74990 or fax (773) 508-4068.

17-19 Workshop. Project Management. San Juan, PR (in Spanish). Contact Kepner Tregoe by fax at (609) 252-2669 or visit http://www.kepner-tregoe.com.

18-19 ASQ Education Course. Integrating ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. Las Vegas, NV. Co-sponsored by ASQ Energy and Environmental Division.

18-19 ASQ Education Course. Reliability Management. Milwaukee, WI.

18-19 Short Course. Internal Auditor. Chicago, IL. Call CEEM at 800-745-5565 or e-mail inquiry@ceem.com.

19 Conference of State University of Iowa ASQ Section. Cedar Rapids, IA. Call (319) 295-0149.

19-23 Workshops. Six Sigma, Software Testing, Internal Quality Auditing, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility, Creativity, and Quality Writing. Austin, TX. Sponsored by ASQ Austin Section. Call (512) 323-9500 or fax (512) 323-9813.

22-23 ASQ Conference. ISO 9000. Atlanta, GA. Call 800-248-1946.

22-23 Short Course. Statistical Pro-cess Control for Government Operations. Washington, DC. Call the Graduate School, U.S. Department of Agriculture, at (202) 314-3400 or e-mail nctc@grad.usda.gov.

22-25 Exposition. Westec. Los Angeles, CA. Call 800-733-4763 or (313) 271-1500, or fax (313) 271-2861.

22-26 Workshop. BSI-ISO 9000 Lead Auditor. Marietta, GA. Call the Center for Quality Excellence at Southern Polytechnic State University, (770) 528-7417 or fax (770) 528-7454.

24-25 ASQ Education Course. How to Lower Healthcare Costs Using Data Analysis. Atlanta, GA.

24-26 Seminar. Transformational Lead-ership: How to Implement TQM in Today's Business Culture. New York, NY. Call the American Management Association at 800-714-6393 or e-mail cust_serv@amanet.com.

24-26 Workshop. Effective Quality Auditing. San Francisco, CA. Call B-K Education Services at (972) 660-4575 or fax (972) 641-1327.

25 Seminar. Practical Skills for Managers and Supervisors. Dallas, TX. Call the Hogan Center for Performance Excellence, (972) 406-1976 or fax (972) 406-2922.

28-April 2 Short Course Program. Technical Management. Los Angeles. CA. Call the UCLA Extension at (310) 825-3858 or e-mail bcroswhi@unex.ucla.edu  

29 Short Course. Introduction to the Tooling & Equipment Supplement to QS-9000. Detroit, MI. Call Excel Partnership at 800-374-3818 or fax (203) 426-7811.

29-31 ASQ Education Course. Using Baldrige Criteria for Healthcare Assessment and Improvement. Denver, CO.

29-31 Conference. Best Practices in Organization and Team Performance. Las Vegas, NV. Call the Association for Quality and Participation at 800-733-3310 or fax (513) 381-0070.

30 Annual Quality Conference. Rochester, NY. Call (716) 453-3480, e-mail dlydick@ocdus.jnj.com.

30-31 Seminar. SPC for Windows. Dayton, OH. Call PQ Systems at 800-777-3020 or fax (937) 885-2252.


8-10 Workshop. Introduction to Statistical Methods for Sensory Evaluation of Foods. Davis, CA. Call the University of California-Davis Extension at 800-752-0881 or (530) 757-8777.

9 ASQ Certification Examination Deadline. Examinations for certified quality engineer, certified quality auditor, and certified software quality engineer are on June 5. Multiple examination sites worldwide. Call ASQ at 800-248-1946.

10 ASQ Certification Examination Deadline. Examinations for certified quality engineer and certified quality auditor are on June 6. Multiple examination sites worldwide. Call ASQ at 800-248-1946.

11-13 Annual Koalaty Kid Conference. Kingsport, TN. Preconference training on April 10. Call 800-248-1946.

12-13 Conference. Organizational Transformation. New York, NY. Sponsored by PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Call the Conference Board at (212) 339-0345 or fax (212) 980-7014.

12-14 ASQ Education Course. Project Management. Baltimore, MD. Also on May 22-23 in Anaheim, CA, and June 21-23 in Minneapolis, MN.

16-18 W. Edwards Deming Institute Community Symposium and Spring Conference. Tacoma, WA. Call (301) 299-2419, e-mail staff@deming.org, or visit http://www.deming.org

19 Workshop. The Inner Game of Customer Care. Madison, WI. Call the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business at 800-292-8964 or fax (608) 265-3357.

19-23 ASQ Education Course. Introduction to Quality Management. Minneapolis, MN. Also on June 21-25 in Houston, TX.

20-21 Short Course. Oxygen Systems Operations and Maintenance. Atlanta, GA. Call the American Society for Testing and Materials at (610) 832-96686 or fax (610) 832-9668.

20-22 Workshop. Robust Design for Quality Improvement. Minneapolis, MN. Call Stat-Ease at 800-801-7191 or (612) 378-9449, or fax (612) 378-2152.

21-23 ASQ Education Course. ISO 9000: Quality System Documentation. Milwaukee, WI.

26-28 Workshop. Facilitator II: Innovative Strategies. Marietta, GA. Call the Center for Quality Excellence at Southern Polytechnic State University, (770) 528-7424 or fax (770) 528-7454.

26-29 Asian Industrial Technology Congress. Hong Kong, China. Sponsored by Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Call International Conference Consultants at 852-2559-9973 or fax 852-2547-9528.

26-30 Seminar. Enhancing Leadership Performance: The Leader as Teacher. Chicago, IL. Call Executive Education at the University of Chicago, (312) 464-8732 or fax (312) 464-8731.

27-29 Quality Expo International. Chicago, IL. Call 888-267-3794 or e-mail inquiry@quality.reedexpo.com.

27-May 1 Seminar. SPC: The Basics and Beyond. Knoxville, TN. Call Statistical Process Controls, Inc. at (423) 584-5005 or fax (423) 588-9440.


2-9 Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology Annual Technical Meeting and Exposition. Ontario, CA. Call (847) 255-1561 or e-mail iest@iest.org.

4-6 Conference and Exposition. Sensors Expo. Baltimore, MD. Call Expocon at (203) 256-4700.

5-7 ASQ Education Course. Statistical Process Control. Milwaukee, WI.

10-12 ASQ Education Course. Advanced Topics in SPC and Short-Run Applications. Milwaukee, WI.

11-13 ASQ Education Course. Preparing the Service Organization for ISO 9000 Registration. Nashville, TN.

18-20 Department of Defense/Industry Aerospace Coatings Conference. Monterey, CA. Call the Conference Group at 800-783-6338 or e-mail conferencegroup@compuserve.com.

20-21 ASQ Education Course. Failure Mode Effects Analysis. Milwaukee, WI.

24-27 Conference. Computer-Aided Engineering and Machine Design. Los Angeles, CA. Call M/TECH West at 800-451-1196 or fax (610) 458-7171.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Items to be listed in the Calendar should be sent to Susan E. Daniels, ASQ/Quality Progress, 611 E. Wisconsin Ave., P.O. Box 3005, Milwaukee, WI 53201-3005, 800-248-1946, (414) 272-8575, fax (414) 272-1734, e-mail sdaniels@asq.org. Please include the date; title; location; sponsor; and name, address, telephone number, and fax number or e-mail address of contact person. Items should be submitted at least three months prior to the month of the event. QP

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


To receive information or to register for ASQ Education Courses, contact Education Development and Promotion, ASQ, 611 E. Wisconsin Ave., P.O. Box 3005, Milwaukee, WI 53201-3005, 800-248-1946, (414) 272-8575, fax (414) 272-1734, Web site http://www.asq.org.

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