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1. Complex Service Delivery Processes: Strategy to Operations, Second Edition
Harvey, Jean

2. Leading Peak Performance: Lessons from the Wild Dogs of Africa: How to Create Pack Leadership & Produce Transformative Results
Hacker, Stephen; Washington, Marvin

3. ISO 9001:2000: Lograr la conformidad y la mejora continua en empresas de desarrollo de software
Nanda, Vivek (Vic)

4. The Memory Jogger Plus+¨
Brassard, Michael

5. The ASQ ISO 9000:2000 Handbook
Cianfrani, Charles A.; Tsiakals, Joseph J.; West, John E. (Jack)

6. ISO 9001:2000 Quick Reference - Pack of 10
Roberts, Kathy; Ketola, Jeanne


7. Recognition, Gratitude, and Celebration (e-Book)
Townsend, Patrick L.; Gebhardt, Joan E.

8. Common Sense Project Management (e-Book)
Turk, Wayne

9. Innovation Generation: Creating an Innovation Process and an Innovative Culture (e-Book)
Merrill, Peter

10. On Becoming Exceptional: SSM Health Care's Journey to Baldrige and Beyond (e-Book)
Ryan, Sister Mary Jean, FSM

11. How Organizations Learn: Investigate, Identify, Institutionalize (e-Book)
Townsend, Patrick L.; Gebhardt, Joan E.

12. Benchmarking for Hospitals: Achieving Best-in-Class Performance without Having to Reinvent the Wheel (e-Book)
Sower, Victor E.; Duffy, Jo Ann; Kohers, Gerald

13. Continual Improvement Assessment Guide: Promoting and Sustaining Business Results (e-Book)
Russell, J.P.

14. The Path to Profitable Measures: 10 Steps to Feedback That Fuels Performance (e-Book)
Morgan, Mark W.

15. Leading Peak Performance: Lessons from the Wild Dogs of Africa: How to Create Pack Leadership & Produce Transformative Results (e-Book)
Hacker, Stephen; Washington, Marvin

16. Automotive Internal Auditor Pocket Guide: Process Auditing to ISO/TS 16949:2002 (e-Book)
Munro, Roderick A.

17. Project Portfolio Selection for Six Sigma (e-Book)
Mawby, William D.

18. Managing Contract Quality Requirements (e-Book)
Pennella, C. Robert

19. Everyday Excellence: Creating a Better Workplace through Attitude, Action, and Appreciation (e-Book)
Shearer, Clive

20. Competing for Customers and Winning with Value: Breakthrough Strategies for Market Dominance (e-Book)
Reidenbach, R. Eric; Goeke, Reginald W.

21. 5S for Service Organizations and Offices: A Lean Look at Improvements (e-Book)
Sarkar, Debashis

22. Glossary and Tables for Statistical Quality Control, Fourth Edition (e-Book)
ASQ Statistics Division

23. The Manager's Guide to Six Sigma in Healthcare: Practical Tips and Tools for Improvement (e-Book)
Barry, Robert; Smith, Amy C.

24. Transformation to Performance Excellence: Baldrige Education Leaders Speak Out (e-Book)
Cokeley, Sandra; Byrnes, Margaret A.; Markley, Geri; Keely, Suzanne, editors

25. Avoiding the Corporate Death Spiral: Recognizing and Eliminating the Signs of Decline (e-Book)
Stocker, Gregg

26. Effective Implementation of ISO 14001 (e-Book)
Block, Marilyn R.

27. Implementing Design for Six Sigma: A Leader's Guide (e-Book)
Belair, Georgette; O'Neill, John

28. A Practical Field Guide for AS9100 (e-Book)
Myhrberg, Erik Valdemar; Crabtree, Dawn Holly

29. Value-Driven Channel Strategy: Extending the Lean Approach (e-Book)
Reidenbach, R. Eric; Goeke, Reginald W.

30. Quality Makes Money: How to Involve Every Person on the Payroll in a Complete Quality Process (CQP) (e-Book)
Townsend, Pat; Gebhardt, Joan

31. Statistical Quality Control for the Six Sigma Green Belt (e-Book)
Gupta, Bhisham C.; Walker, H. Fred

32. Statistical Engineering: An Algorithm for Reducing Variation in Manufacturing Processes (e-Book)
Steiner, Stefan H.; MacKay, R. Jock

33. The Magic of Self-Directed Work Teams: A Case Study in Courage and Culture Change (e-Book)
Palmes, Paul C.

34. Decision Process Quality Management (e-Book)
Mawby, William D.

35. Bringing Business Ethics to Life: Achieving Corporate Social Responsibility (e-Book)
Andersen, Bjørn

36. Quality into the 21st Century: Perspectives on Quality and Competitiveness for Sustained Performance (e-Book)
International Academy for Quality

37. The Six Sigma Path to Leadership: Observations from the Trenches (e-Book)
Treichler, David H.

38. The Recipe for Simple Business Improvement (e-Book)
Till, David W.

39. The Customer Care and Contact Center Handbook (e-Book)
Schultz, Garry

40. Nan's Arsonist: A Six Sigma Mystery (e-Book)
Barry, Robert

41. Juran, Quality, and a Century of Improvement: The Best on Quality Book Series of the International Academy for Quality, Volume 15 (e-Book)
Stephens, Kenneth S.

42. ISO 9001:2000---A New Paradigm for Healthcare (e-Book)
Carson, Bryce E., Sr.

43. ISO 9001:2000: Achieving Compliance and Continuous Improvement in Software Development Companies (e-Book)
Nanda, Vivek (Vic)

44. Advanced QFD Applications (e-Book)
Goh, T. N.; Tan, K. C.; Xie, M

45. Accountability Through Measurement: A Global Healthcare Imperative (e-Book)
Kazandjian, Vahé A.

46. Work Overload: Redesigning Jobs to Minimize Stress and Burnout (e-Book)
Gryna, Frank M.


47. Environmental management systems — General guidelines on principles, systems and support techniques (e-standard)
ANSI/ISO/ASQ E14004-2004

48. Quality management — Guidelines for quality plans (e-standard)
ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q10005-2005

49. Food safety management systems — Requirements for any organization in the food chain (e-Standard)
ISO 22000:2005(E)

50. Quality management systems — Guidelines for quality management in projects (e-standard)
ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q10006-2003

51. Quality management systems — Guidelines for configuration management (e-standard)
ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q10007-2003

52. Quality management — Customer satisfaction — Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations (e-standard)
ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q10002-2004

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