Sustainability Delivered

Designing Socially and Environmentally Responsible Supply Chains

Madeleine Pullman and Margaret Sauter

 175 Pages    2012
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This book is targeted to graduate students in engineering or business, executive MBA students, and mid-to upper level non-profits and business managers. Sustainability Delivered: Designing socially and environmentally responsible Supply Chains covers many approaches for integrating sustainability into the full supply chain from the design of products and services though to the take-back of recyclable content. The book provides guidelines and tools for analyzing the current or proposed supply chain and concepts for improving the sustainability dimensions of the system. Today's supply chain managers are mandated with the charge to improve the sustainability of their supply chain from various stakeholders. Because of this mandate, managers must implement various improvements and redesigns, measure and monitor those changes, and assist in reporting the process and outcomes to stakeholders. This book intends to support those activities by providing methodologies and case examples. The book begins with the initial stages of strategy and policy development. The subsequent chapters cover product design, purchasing, manufacturing, and delivery (logistics) in the supply chain. This is followed by product end of life programs and finally, assessment and reporting systems. The book includes real-world examples and cases, from some of the world's leading companies in sustainable supply chain management. The examples range from small local companies to large multinational players to give a broad range of ideas to the reader. Each chapter provides different tools and approaches such as Environmental Function Deployment, Life Cycle Analysis, Scorecards and reward systems, and Certification/Reporting methods.

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