A Practical Field Guide for ISO 9001:2008

Erik Valdemar Myhrberg

 144 Pages    2009
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The purpose of this field guide is to assist organizations, step by step, in implementing a quality management system (QMS) in conformance with ISO 9001:2008, whether from scratch or by transitioning from ISO 9001:2000. It examines each sub-clause of Sections 4–8 of ISO 9001:2008, which contain the requirements, and gives a list of the documentation/documents required, internal audit questions, a summary of management’s responsibilities, and a flowchart of the steps that need to be undertaken to satisfy the requirements. It also includes a sectional cross-evaluation that shows where the requirements in each sub-clause within ISO 9001:2000 appear in ISO 9001:2008.

What separates this field guide from most other books on ISO 9001:2008 and its implementation are the flow charts showing the steps to be taken in implementing a QMS to meet a sub-clause’s requirements. Each flowchart is also accompanied with text explaining what the flow chart represents and how it is to be used.

This field guide has been created in order to foster an inner reliance between senior management, middle management, functional teams, and the individual. Readers will find within it practical tools, tips, and techniques. A QMS created using this field guide will not only satisfy ISO 9001:2008’s requirements, but also provide a set of processes that suits each individual organization, and foster continual improvement of the system and the processes of the organization as it matures.


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“Dr. Myhrberg brilliantly illuminates the path to ISO 9001:2008 registration with his clear illustrations and down to earth explanations.”

  • A reader in Menlo Park, California

  • "The book is brilliant. It is to the point, very informative and really what it says it contains. Very simple and readable. I just read it all in the day I received it. I am very happy that I got this book."

  • A reader in Ontario, Canada

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