Quality Audits for Improved Performance, Third Edition

Dennis R. Arter

 152 Pages    2003
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Perfect for anyone charged with implementing a quality audit program or those performing the audit, this book is an ideal reference on the established techniques of quality auditing. This third edition serves as a guide to learning and applying the basics of quality auditing, and expands on the basic auditing principles by showing how the quality audit can be used to improve business performance. This edition includes:

  • An expanded background and history of quality auditing
  • A general model for auditing any quality management system
  • Added information on process audits and the system-process-product relationship
  • Auditor competencies and qualifications
  • An explanation of audit reports and the role of the auditor after the report
  • New material on remedial and corrective action
  • Example audit procedures and a glossary of auditing terms
  • Author Dennis Arter addresses both internal and supplier auditing as it relates to any quality management system, including ISO 9001, GMP, automotive, and others. He provides supportive examples and checklists throughout the text to help make this book the best single-source guide on the subject. Quality practitioners, registrars, and those preparing for the ASQ Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) exam will find it to be an invaluable reference.


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    • "An excellent reference, and Dennis Arter also teaches a great auditing class."
      - a reader from New Mexico

    • "Good basic text for comprehensive introduction to quality principles. Good reference for CQA (Certified Quality Auditor) examination."
      – A reader in Texas

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    This book was part of the course materials for an auditing class conducted by the author. It is an excellent book regardless of the skill level of the reader as an auditor. As a manager I highly recommend this book if you are looking for material to introduce personnel new to auditing or whose skills you would like to strengthen. It is the first book I have read on auditing that I can enthusiastically recommend.
    --Michelle Dudley, 08-10-2013

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