The Changing Role of Quality in the Future: Required Competencies for Quality Professionals to Succeed

Journal for Quality and Participation vol. 39 issue 4 - January 2017

Abstract: Predicting the future of quality in an ever changing world can be challenging, but ASQ, the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) and the International Academy for Quality (IAQ) teamed up to carry out several research studies in 2016 to gauge professional opinions on the future of quality. The first phase was comprised of two focus groups from ASQ and IAQ, in which 50 people participated in an open discussion about quality topics. A follow up survey was sent out to members of ASQ, IAQ and current quality leaders and professionals. The survey was sent to 222 people, 12.5 percent of which participated and answered questions posed to the open forum focus groups in the previous study. Topics mentioned and discussed include the definition of quality, quality tools, global applications for quality, the impact of technology on quality, quality training and education, data analysis and quality management systems. One topic echoed by many of the participants was the need to include management at the executive level in the quality process, rather than have quality projects be siphoned off to special project departments. Most respondents also believed that quality professionals must continue to hone their knowledge and skills in order to adapt to any future changes in the world of quality.

Keywords: Surveys; Focus group; Results; Quality profession; Feedback

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