Psychological Impact of Metrics

Journal for Quality and Participation vol. 35 issue 4 - January 2013

Abstract: This article is an excerpt from the book Performance Metrics: The Levers for Process Management, published by the American Society for Quality's Quality Press in 2013. The article examines the psychological factors that influence the establishment and use of metrics. Common problems with metrics are identified and explored, with a focus on psychological aspects, such as the many deceptive games people play with metrics to give the impression of good performance; people's responses to changes in metrics; the use of metrics to advance learning; and alignment of metrics with goals and with meaningful rewards.

Keywords: Goals; Learning; Metrics; Psychology; Employee performance; Surveys; Customer satisfaction; Scorecard; Strategic planning; Data quality

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Good reference for establishing a good framework.
--Jesus Tamez, 03-12-2013

--Renata, 03-06-2013

Excellent Article! Duke highlights what many in the metrics business know about but few have articulated so thoroughly. Thank you.
--Joel Landoe, 03-03-2013


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