A Comprehensive Approach to Quality Aims at Inclusive Growth: Continual Improvement as a Management Imperative

Journal for Quality and Participation vol. 34 issue 4 - January 2012

Abstract: In the 20th century, the quality profession focused somewhat myopically on improving how people work. In the future, a broader perspective of inclusive growth will be needed to achieve the goal of comprehensive quality. This goal is already being worked toward in organizations practicing total quality management (TQM), but unfortunately TQM never became mainstream. The mainstream at the turn of the millennium practices continual improvement, always being vigilant for opportunities to make changes. What will be needed going forward is continuous innovation, an ongoing, self-sustaining process that can generate innovation without management input. Organizations will need operational models that are comprehensive, easy to explain, and profound enough to motivate continuous innovation.

Keywords: Continual improvement; Innovation; Operational methods; Quality profession; Total quality management (TQM)

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