Is the Isoplot an Ellipse? A Study on Isoplot for the Measurement System Analysis

Quality Engineering vol. 26 issue 3 - July 2014

Abstract: The Shainin isoplot technique is a shop floor method well known in the manufacturing sector. This technique involves the use of graphical displays for efficiently assessing gage precision. This study considers some of the issues concerning the practical implementation of the technique. A theoretical analysis of the isoplot technique for identifying and characterizing significant variations in the measurement system is presented. Compared results of the isoplot method to classical methods through simulations of specific cases are provided. An extended study of the isoplot technique applied to the appraiser model is also included.

Keywords: Gage Repeatability and reproducibility studies (GR&R); Measurement system; Isoplot(TM); Shainin techniques; Precision

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