That's a Fine Strategy - Now Go Implement!


Bond, Thomas H.; Sweeney, Robert V.   (1993, ASQC)   GPS Technologies; Fort Worth, TX

Annual Quality Congress, Boston MA    Vol. 47    No. 0
QICID: 9963    May 1993    pp. 244-252
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Article Abstract

A strategy implementation model helps an organization to implement new technology. Even though employees may have the skills and tools to use a new technology, there sometimes is no organizational process for implementing the technology. To effectively transfer the technology into the organization, the strategy implementation model employs four elements: process, training, implementation, and evaluation. The process is the plan for gaining management and employee acceptance of the technology and for linking it to other key aspects of the business. Training provides relevant activities to prepare employees to use the technology in their jobs. Implementation starts with small pilot efforts. Internal or external consultants support, coach, mentor, guide, and encourage employees in their first attempts with the new technology. Evaluation requires a progressive series of goals that measure progress. Limiting factors and their root causes are identified so that use of the technology continuously improves. The small sparks of success generated by pilot implementation programs lead to a group of employees who believe in the technology. Their positive experiences permit implementation on a broader scale. The success breeds success phenomenon leads to the realization that the new technology provides a return on investment to the firm. It was worth the effort.


Evaluation,Implementation,Return on Investment (ROI),Technology

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