Total Quality Transformation on a PCB Manufacturing Line


Hays, Thomas J.; Gander, Mary J.   (1993, ASQC)   IBM Corporation; Rochester, MN

Annual Quality Congress, Boston MA    Vol. 47    No. 0
QICID: 9945    May 1993    pp. 112-118
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Article Abstract

Improvements in turn-around time (TAT) and satisfaction of internal customers in a printed circuit board manufacturing process took place after organizational changes, increased employee involvement, and changes in the process itself. The original TAT (time between start of an order and delivery of the product) of 26 days and customer compliance (percent of on-time deliveries) of 21.4% were unacceptable. Benchmarking of external vendors found that typical TAT was 5 to 10 days and compliance was rarely less than 100%. An early step toward improvement was a change in organizational structure that integrated the manufacturing and engineering units. This made it easier to use the skills of all individuals. Quality focus teams involved managers and staff in brainstorming improvements in the manufacturing and ordering processes. For example, a change in the thickness of the board decreased the etched-out scrap rate from 10.5% to 0.8%. Introduction of an online parts ordering system eliminated the number of orders rejected because of incorrect information. These and other employee-driven and management-supported changes have lowered the average TAT to 5.6 days and increased customer compliance to 95.7%. A commitment to continuous flow manufacturing will continue the improvements and make this manufacturing line a benchmark for other printed circuit board manufacturers.


Cycle time,Continuous flow,Customer satisfaction (CS),Manufacturing

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