Restructuring for Quality Management


Leighton, Robert   (1993, ASQC)   Goodwin Leighton Management Group; Hamden, CT

Annual Quality Congress, Boston MA    Vol. 47    No. 0
QICID: 9940    May 1993    pp. 64-70
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Article Abstract

The innovative company trusts its employees and sheds bureaucracy. To be innovative and to achieve quality, a company may have to redesign its organizational structure. The traditional institution has followed scientific management's view of employees. Although we may be critical of scientific management today, it is based on a passion for excellence. Many companies have taken the worst (rigid organizational structure) from this concept and lost the excellence. Today's total quality management (TQM) recognizes the role employees play in achieving excellence. TQM builds on these beliefs about employees: they will perform well with little supervision; they are paid to think; work should be organized by product lines and service; employees should understand the company's mission; a culture of excellence derives from a commitment to consensus decision making. Another feature of the traditional organization has been bureaucracy. However, today's trend toward more focused organizations allows businesses to respond to the marketplace and the customer more quickly and accurately than before. Sometimes such a restructured organization results in layoffs. In the best case, the new organization will attain enough growth to assign displaced workers to elsewhere in the business. When workers cannot be reabsorbed, managers must give adequate notice of layoffs and provide outplacement services.


Quality management (QM),Scientific management,Total Quality Management (TQM)

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