Peak Performances in an Empowering Quality Culture


Shannon, Wayne C.   (1992, ASQC)   Dobbs International Services, Inc., Memphis, TN 38137

Annual Quality Congress, Nashville TN    Vol. 46    No. 0
QICID: 9929    May 1992    pp. 1021-1023
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Article Abstract

Since 1986, Dobbs International Services, an airline caterer, has implemented a Quality Improvement Process (QIP). Through this process, they have identified several key aspects of peak performance.

A sense of personal mission lies at the source of peak performance. Companies should reinforce this personal mission through their statement of values. The letters of "peak" spell out the ideal attributes of a peak performer: P stands for purpose, E for enthusiasm, A for a bias toward action, and K for know-how. A training program strengthens interior empowerment via the five Ps (positive, pro-active, participative, productive, and pioneering). Management behaviors also contribute to peak performance, via the "unforgettable five Ts": Talking with people, training them, teaming them, trusting them, and thanking them.

Train and nurture your peak performers and you will have quality champions with heart and mind focused on the customer.


Dobbs International Services, Inc.,Mission statement,Empowerment,Aircraft,Quality improvement process (QIP)

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