A Health care Quality Revolution: How to Certify Suppliers


Sloan, M. Daniel   (1992, ASQC)   Quality Health Systems of America, Inc., Seattle, WA 98115

Annual Quality Congress, Nashville TN    Vol. 46    No. 0
QICID: 9923    May 1992    pp. 979-984
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Health care costs consume more than half of most firms' pre-tax profit -- a majority of that being spent on only fourteen (often preventable) illnesses. Health-care supplier certification can reduce these costs while still ensuring a high quality benefit to the employee.

Adopting a World Class Health care philosophy unites medical/behavioral science, education, and statistical process control in all diagnosis and treatment options. Engage all employees in a total quality effort directed at health care. Since drug abuse (including tobacco) accounts for a large portion of health care costs, perform quality control checks on applicants. Employee depression is another cost factor -- provide an Employee Assistance Program to help prevent hospitalization. Negotiate with the supplier for World Class care (which includes ever-increasing quality). Create a health care supplier certification program that addresses these points. Monitor the cost of quality for health care -- charts will show a return on prevention investment of approximately 10:1.

By demanding quality from the health care system, you create an environment where medical professionals and patients act as a treatment team, variation (illness) is reduce through understanding the root causes, and quality control statistics become as accepted part of health care quality management.


Certification,Continuous improvement (CI),Health care,Pareto charts,Quality Health Systems of America, Inc.,Customer supplier relationships

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