Automating the Inspection Reporting Process


Rayme, Robert M.   (1992, ASQC)   Martin Marietta A&NS, Glen Burnie, MD 21060

Annual Quality Congress, Nashville TN    Vol. 46    No. 0
QICID: 9839    May 1992    pp. 272-277
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Article Abstract

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This paper presents a three-phase plan for automating Inspection reporting.The first phase covers the development of a manual system for the reporting of inspection results (acceptances and rejects). A manual system allows revision and validation of the process prior to the development of software or the purchase of hardware, and also permits direct input from the inspection workforce.

The second phase is automation of the manual process. This phase includes the selection of software and hardware required for accessing the reporting system, and establishes the types of available output. Example of report formats are prepared and distributed for comment.

The third phase is the training of the inspectors and actual implementation of the automated inspection process. The method used to introduce inspectors to the reporting system is critical. They must be made aware of their importance to the overall Inspection Reporting System.

The accuracy of defect reporting made possible by this system improved the accuracy of subsequent corrective action.


Electronic data systems,Defects,Data collection,Inspection,Process improvement,Reports

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