Training -- An Ongoing Commitment In The Future


Winchell, William O.   (1992, ASQC)   Purdue University

Annual Quality Congress, Nashville TN    Vol. 46    No. 0
QICID: 9753    May 1992    pp. 79-85
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Article Abstract

In many companies, successful continuous improvement is based heavily on employee training. Training can encompass a range of instructional programs, from learning basic math and reading skills to workshops on new computer applications to continuing education and degree programs at universities. Strong evidence suggests that employee training creates economic growth, and more competitive and innovative companies, with more technically competent employees, who enjoy greater job satisfaction. Successful employee training depends on a company's willingness to provide the time and resources for training, and on an individual's desire to learn and to apply what is taught, which often entails more responsibility. This article describes a model for developing an employee training plan, which creates a "win-win-win" outcome for the company, the functional area involved, and the individual to be trained. Actively encouraged by top management, a long-range training plan should support a company's strategic plan. The needs of the functional areas within a company should be addressed, and the skills of the individual receiving the training should improve. The training plan is to be formulated by a centralized human resources board, whose members represent all functional areas. To determine training objectives, the board must conduct a needs analysis, which identifies current and needed capabilities, estimates costs, carries out performance measures, and evaluates results. With the growth of technology in the United States, the need for training will intensify.


Assessment,Continuous improvement (CI),Employees,Quality plan

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