Total Quality in Acquisition of DoD Electronics


Yates, Wilson D.,III   (1991, ASQC)   McDonnell Aircraft Company, St. Louis, MO

Annual Quality Congress, Milwaukee WI    Vol. 45    No. 0
QICID: 9743    May 1991    pp. 795-800
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Article Abstract

McDonnell Aircraft Company and Hughes Radar Systems Group performed a joint study called "Quality Management Approach for Reliability Assurance Control" which focused on the acquisition process. Their main objective was to produce a handbook of Total Quality Management (TQM) implementation guidance for the Department of Defense (DoD) System Program Office (SPO), the DoD Contractor and Subcontractor office, requirement generators, Comptrollers/Contract Administrators, and TQM students.

The approach used to develop a new chronologically structured TQM process for the DoD systems acquisition process was the "man from Mars" approach, which means that someone unfamiliar with the current process could establish a new TQM process. Each critical process within each phase of the acquisition process was identified and evaluated, then compared to the new TQM process. This paper presents case history examples of a hypothetical electronics system to illustrate the TQM and Quality Function Deployment (QFD) tools and techniques. Certification and audit procedures were also developed, and case history examples show how to use these procedures to determine a contractor's degree of conformance to TQM principles and practice.

The changes brought about as a result of this study should include shorter design times, higher quality, and lower costs in the defense electronics acquisition process.


Continuous improvement (CI),Department of Defense (DOD),Hughes,McDonnell Douglas Corporation,Reliability,Total Quality Management (TQM),Aviation industry

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