Am I Done Yet?: Guidelines to Effective SPC


Lawrence, Deborah J.   (1991, ASQC)   Precision Monolithics, Inc., A Division of Analog Devices, Santa Clara, CA

Annual Quality Congress, Milwaukee WI    Vol. 45    No. 0
QICID: 9713    May 1991    pp. 623-628
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Article Abstract

Implementing Statistical Process Control (SPC) requires planning, commitment, teamwork, and an understanding of the processes and the measurement system before control charts can be used effectively. Novice SPC users often use incorrect charting methods, which cause the process to appear out of control when it is not. Consequently, novices may waste time tracking special causes when the out-of-control points are actually the result of a measurement error or an invalid subgrouping scheme.

This paper presents a ten-step SPC implementation plan that minimizes non-value-added effort and reduces implementation time:

  1. Flow chart the process;
  2. Determine critical parameters;
  3. Determine target value for critical parameters;
  4. Conduct inspection capability study;
  5. Conduct short-term capability study;
  6. Determine control chart format;
  7. Conduct long-term capability study;
  8. Establish control chart limits;
  9. Develop out-of-control action plan (OACP); and
  10. Implement control chart.
These ten steps detail where improvements must be made before using SPC and ensure that the process is both capable and in control.


Capability study,Chemical and process industries,Control charts,Flowcharts,Out-of-control process,Special causes,Statistical process control (SPC),Statistics

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