Environmental Pollution Measurement and QA in India's State Laboratories


Mills, Paul; Fogg, Thomas; Venkateswara, R. Rao; Rotkar, B.V.   (1991, ASQC)   SAIC, San Diego, CA

Annual Quality Congress, Milwaukee WI    Vol. 45    No. 0
QICID: 9678    May 1991    pp. 421-426
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Article Abstract

This abstract is an edited version of the authors' original.

A Mission Team was contracted to recommend expenditures to enhance the abilities of the Pollution Control Board (PCB) in India to measure current and proposed regulated pollutant concentrations.

The Mission Team evaluated existing methods, instrumentation, sampling, and QA programs. Laboratories were evaluated based on existing staff, facilities, and instrumentation; capacity was evaluated based on instrument usage. Staff qualifications, productivity records, quality control problems, sample receipt records, and available instrument maintenance logs were used to correlate output with quality. The management systems and QA programs were evaluated using audit checklists.

Obstacles to producing adequate quality data in the PCB laboratories to make effective pollution-control monitoring decisions include: inconsistent sample quality, substandard laboratory environments for trace-level analyses, shortage of skilled staff, incomplete Quality Assurance programs, and inadequate computer data management.

Recommendations were made for pollution measurement instrumentation, training, and facilities. The Central Government can help the labs by conducting training surveys, providing standardized computer software, providing purchasing assistance for foreign goods and services, sponsoring research and development, developing and providing frequent performance evaluation samples as well as "known value" QC samples, assisting in laboratory design for trace-level analyses, assisting in preparing QA programs, and establishing major programs for certification of private laboratories.


Government,India,Pollution Control Board (PCB),Quality assurance (QA),Engineering,Productivity,Environment

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