The International Quality Study


Yearout, Stephen   (1991, ASQC)   Ernst & Young, Cleveland, OH

Annual Quality Congress, Milwaukee WI    Vol. 45    No. 0
QICID: 9665    May 1991    pp. 328-333
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Article Abstract

This paper discusses the International Quality Study, a research project that studied quality management practices and processes in Germany, Japan, and the United States. The study, which collected data from over 500 companies worldwide, focused on four industries: automotive, computers, health care, and banking. The objectives were to acquire a global, multi-dimensional perspective of quality management practices, to reveal which combinations of practices work best under particular strategic circumstances, and to document how different cultures influence the application of quality management practices.

The methods used included: (1) the development and verification of the research instrument; (2) focus group validation within each country and industry segment; (3) sampling criteria; (4) pilot testing; and (5) actual data collection.Although the research project was not complete, the findings were expected to fall into four key areas: (1) Survey results will identify what's being done and to what degree each industry in each country engages in specific quality management practices; (2) Causal modeling will reveal what works best both within and across specific industries and cultures; (3) A correlation between quality management practices and a company's strategic position will indicate what works best under different strategic circumstances; and (4) The study will show how socioeconomic and cultural factors impact the application of quality management practices.


International quality study (IQS),Health care,Voice of the customer (VOC),Customer satisfaction (CS),Computers,Financial industry,Automobile industry,Quality management (QM)

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