Road Map to ISO 9000 Registration


Craig, Robert Joseph   (1991, ASQC)   DuPont Electronics, Clearfield, PA

Annual Quality Congress, Milwaukee WI    Vol. 45    No. 0
QICID: 9628    May 1991    pp. 926-930
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Article Abstract

This paper presents the step-by-step approach used by the Clearfield site of Dupont Electronics to achieve certification of their Quality Assurance System.

The following steps represent Dupont's road map to certification: (1) management commitment and involvement, (2) Cross Functional Management Steering Committee, (3) training, (4) communication process, (5) develop implementation plan, (6) compile quarterly manual, (7) establish internal auditing system, and (8) establish Comprehensive Corrective Action System.

Management must understand what is required in terms of costs and internal efforts. Out-of-pocket costs may range from $25M to $50M, and everyone in the organization must participate in the preparation for certification. A steering committee that includes all staff management should manage the overall quality system, and an ongoing training system for all employees should be established. A monthly newsletter is a good way to keep everyone informed about progress. During the implementation process, the Steering Committee should meet weekly to review the implementation plan and the company's corrective action status. A company manual should define quality policies, and a departmental manuals should detail organizational responsibilities. An internal auditing system should look for deficiencies in the following areas: (1) products and materials, (2) people, (3) corrective action, (4) documents, (5) suppliers, and (6) processes.


Electronics industry,European Community (EC),ISO 9000,Manufacturing,Du Pont Company

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