Quality Foundations: Common Sense, Not Common Practice


Sepielli, Ron; Yates, Mike   (1990, ASQC)   Memorial Medical Center, Savannah, GA; Zenger-Miller, Inc., Atlanta, GA

Annual Quality Congress, San Francisco, CA    Vol. 44    No. 0
QICID: 9548    May 1990    pp. 795-800
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Article Abstract

This presentation relates the experiences of Memorial Medical Center (MMC), a 2,000-employee not-for-profit hospital based in Savannah, Georgia, in implementing an organization-wide quality improvement process (QIP), and some insight we gained from the effort.

In its quest to become more competitive, in recent years MMC has embraced training and development as a long-term, strategic system. Our quality strategy has been to build and reinforce participative skills at all levels so that employees can support and live our quality vision. The central role of human resources and our executive team has been to establish a link between organizational needs and employee needs.

To do this, we conducted a quality needs assessment to identify key issues and trends, what constituted effective performance, and what were true developmental training needs. We developed a rigorous plan for measuring success. Once the planning was completed and the measurement systems were in place, we began a progressive roll-out of quality leadership skills, quality awareness training, and quality participative skills.

While quality improvement is a continuous process, we have found that practical quality skills training provides the "how to" focus our people need to attain our quality goals. Our success can be attributed in part to the excellent partnership between customer and training supplier. We have drawn heavily from Zenger-Miller's experience in quality to build essential skills for implementing our quality process.

The quality skills we emphasized, various cost savings and other quality improvements realized, and independent Zenger-Miller research on successful quality efforts will be discussed.


Human resources (HR)

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