Inspector - Where Were You When I Needed You?


Wortham, A. William   (1990, ASQC)  

Annual Quality Congress, San Francisco, CA    Vol. 44    No. 0
QICID: 9514    May 1990    pp. 579-585
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Article Abstract

Most of us are oriented towards quality in our workplace. We have many procedures, methods, forms, measurement devices, laboratories, and even computer systems which were purchased or developed to help us in the production of a "quality product or service." Unfortunately, with most of us, we put all of these aids aside when we leave work. Should we?

What would your day be like if all of the quality deficiencies and problems in a time frame of your everyday life happened in one day? The author has selected a number of these he has encountered during recent years. They range from the typos you may find in your morning paper to an imperfect ASQC emblem. They range from what may seem funny to what constitutes serious situations. To emphasize the quality impact in our life, all of these are, brought forth as a one-day occurrence (after all, there is a measurable probability that this could happen). They will be presented in mythical form as a short story about a day in the life of the author.

After the story ends, the paper will turn to more serious situations such as, can we measure the impact of quality on our daily lives? Does quality effect inflation? How much? Does quality effect the cost of our product after it leaves the factory and we buy it? How much? Does quality effect how we use our time and how much time we have? These questions and many others will stress the point, that even our non-work decisions can effect our real cost of quality.

Methods of analysis will be presented, with examples, for the questions and their associated problems. The methods are, in general, similar to these we use in our workplace. They are not complex and yet they will give us some insight into the impact of quality in our lives.

It is the authors hope that this approach will bring home to all that quality is not something you leave at work. Quality is what we buy, what we use, what we live with, and most of all it is what we create for our own purpose. can we leave that to chance? Can we leave that to others? Can we leave that to international competition? I think not:



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