A Guide to Quality Decision Making


Boser, Robert B.; Crocker, Kenneth E.; Meisel, Robert M.   (1990, ASQC)   Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY

Annual Quality Congress, San Francisco, CA    Vol. 44    No. 0
QICID: 9500    May 1990    pp. 501-505
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Article Abstract

To be most successful in improving the material flow and quality of products and services, all stakeholders will need to develop necessary knowledge and skills for making quality decisions. All too often attention is focused on the measurement equipment with no regard as to what is being done with the numbers that they produce. Furthermore, there is often disregard of the more global perspective of the entire system - are the right questions being asked at the right point in the entire process flow?

The purpose of this document is to present a system for making quality decisions. The system addresses four interwoven elements:
l. the process flow, identifying the steps involved in the operation (on the macro and micro level), along with the points at which decisions are made.
2. product related issues, addressing potential concerns about the product (either intermediate or final) being produced by the given manufacturing step.
3. process related issues, addressing potential concerns about the process being used in the operation.
4. the measurement process, considering the evaluation and description of the process being used to generate the numbers from which decisions are made.

Each element will be considered separately, but an effective decision-making system must contain all of the elements.


Chemical and process industries

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