Some Fundamental Problems on "Hoshin-Kanri" in Japanese TQC -- Around Current Concepts on Management by Policy Deployment in Most TQC Appling Companies


Kogure, Masao   (1990, ASQC)   Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan

Annual Quality Congress, San Francisco, CA    Vol. 44    No. 0
QICID: 9476    May 1990    pp. 354-359
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Article Abstract

In Japan, all TQC applying companies adopt a management system, named "Hoshin-kanri" in Japanese, such as a top policy is deployed systematically to many concrete executive plans through plural managements' policies step by step. But still there remain some problems to be improved. In this paper, two major fundamental problems are picked up. They are (1) Ambiguity of relations between goal and policy, (2) Unfitness of content of management policy between superior's and subordinate's on matters pertaining to ratio of abstructness and concretehess. For (1), the author points out two goals exist and these are to be given before and after determining policy. There are, however, an ambiguous state such as almost no distinction was actually made between them and only either of them was apt to be given at least until now. This paper illustrates a clear relations between policy and the two goals after showing 4 typical patterns derived from practical examples, and classified by the relations between goal and policy. For (2), the author points out two phases of abstructness and concreteness exist in content of policy and refers to inappropriate description of policy about degree of abstructness with showing 4 typical patterns derived from practical examples, and classified by that degree. He suggests also an approach to describe policy in appropriate degree of abstructness with showing illustrative and practical examples.


Policy deployment,Total Quality Control (TQC),Union of Japanese Scientists & Engineers (JUSE)

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