Total Product Quality Process Model


Ziaja, Henry J.   (1990, ASQC)   Chrysler Corporation, Highland Park, MI

Annual Quality Congress, San Francisco, CA    Vol. 44    No. 0
QICID: 9473    May 1990    pp. 335-341
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Article Abstract

This paper:
1) Describes a Total Product Quality Process Model which outlines the ideal product development cycle at Chrysler Motors,
2) Describes the methods used to analyze the major processes in the model,
3) Provides some key insights into the Chrysler product development system.

The goal at Chrysler Motors is to sell products that make the corporation and the cohsumer a winner. This means that we must design every new product line to be a "home run" that stands out in its class, like the Chrysler mini-van. To consistently do this we must pay closer attention to the detailed steps and remove variability in the product development cycle.

We believe that consistent, well defined, high quality products (i.e. home runs) are the output of a consistent, well defined product development cycle, which is also high quality in nature. To help Chrysler define such a product cycle a corporate wide team was formed with the mission to define and analyze the ideal product development cycle that best fits the Chrysler system. Specifically, the team studied the major processes required to plan, design, manufacture, deliver, and service a quality product. The team had representatives from Engineering, Human Resources, Quality & Productivity, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Product Design (Styling), Finance, ProcUrement and Supply, and Service & Parts. As a result, the team created a process model which describes the product development cycle with pictures and words. The model is called the Total Product Quality Process Model and it highlights the major steps necessary for product quality/reliability development and addresses such key issues as sequencing of quality events, leadership, teamwork and program stability. This paper is a summary of the teams efforts and findings.


Automobile industry

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