Breaking the Training Mold to Achieve QI


Hailer, Harvey A.   (1990, ASQC)   The Boeing Company, Seattle, WA

Annual Quality Congress, San Francisco, CA    Vol. 44    No. 0
QICID: 9467    May 1990    pp. 303-308
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Article Abstract

In quality improvement (QI) efforts, training and development activities support a number of company strategies. The key to QI lies with changing behaviors and creating ownership and support for the variety of QI efforts and strategies. Behavior must change at every level - individual, group, team, organization and company - if QI is to be implemented and sustained. Change always carries with it some degree of risk, and a variety of training strategies can be used to help develop knowledge and skills while reducing risk.

QI training approaches must include the non-traditional. To optimize QI learning and application they must go beyond the traditional transmittal of information from instructor to students in the classroom.

Boeing Aerospace (now Aerospace and Electronics) has been involved in QI efforts for several years. In May 1987 a new organization, QI Training, was created within Employee Training & Development to address the educational needs of the company's QI plans.

The curriculum, design of courses and other development activities used in BA&E illustrate the varied roles that training plays to institutionalize QI. These roles include employee awareness, education, teaching and practice of new skills,and communication of company goals and priorities. Principles of adult teaming must be applied in QI training situations. Additionally, training must create an open neutral environment in the classroom to encourage risk taking and practice of new skills. To be successful, the link between training and the work environment must be solid and visible. To achieve this broad approach requires application of QI methods to the training organization itself.


Quality improvement (QI),Human resources (HR)

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