Total Quality - A Natural Portrayal of Basic Values


Sangrey, Marian I.M.   (1990, ASQC)   Westinghouse Electronic Systems Group, Baltimore, MD

Annual Quality Congress, San Francisco, CA    Vol. 44    No. 0
QICID: 9465    May 1990    pp. 293-296
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Article Abstract

Throughout our lives, we are encouraged by our parents, religion, and education to continuously improve ourselves in order to excel in all of our accomplishments. Our culture teaches that success, in all aspects of life, can be achieved by striving for perfection in every process we perform. We leam what is expected and required of us, and undertake to fulfill these requirements, the first time, without error. This value system is what makes us survive and thrive in life, and it is synonymous with Total Quality. Total Quality is not just the latest corporate slogan. Total Quality is the natural portrayal of the basic values that are instilled in us from birth. Total Quality is a way of life.

Although most of our backgrounds are based on Total Quality, implementing the Total Quality Process into any corporation is extremely difficult. Most American corporations have spent the majority of their growth leaving their Total Quality value system "at the door. They expend more effort trying to work around the system, rather than implementing the upfront planning, communication, and controls that would assure reduced cycle time and increased quality in their products and services. In order to redirect a corporation to "live" Total Quality, the corporation must internalize that its success in the competitive marketplace, and eventually its survival, is dependant upon doing the right things right the first time, and satisfying the expectations and requirements of the internal, as well as external customers. One step at a time, any corporation is capable of reinstituting the logical concepts of Total Quality.

This paper will correlate the natural, fundamental values with the Total Quality concept. The basic issues of communication, performance, and improvement, will be equated with business and personal life. This paper will also present a logical method for modeling any process, inside or outside of the workplace, by identifying the process constraints, internal customers and suppliers, and their requirements, in order in ensure continued improvement and success. Examples will include processes from communicating with your significant other to designing a system. The foundation of our fundamental value system must Once again be part of our business structure, or the American enterprise will not survive. Total Quality has to be a way of life.


Human resources (HR)

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