Influence and a Quadratic Form in the Andrews-Pregibon Statistic


Little, James K.   (1985 ASQC and the American Statistical Association)   U.S. Department of Agriculture, Madison, WI

Technometrics    Vol. 27    No. 1
QICID: 9186    February 1985    pp. 13-15
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Article Abstract

A quadratic form found in the Andrews-Pregibon (AP) statistic may be decomposed into two terms. One of the terms has a simple geometric interpretation that relates naturally to the expression of influence found in Cook's statistic. The measure of influence derived from the quadratic form is easy to compute once the two factors of the AP statistic have been found. This measure suggests a computing strategy for diagnostics and leads to an exact relation between the AP statistic and Cook's statistic.


Influence,Statistics,Cook's distance

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