A General Continuous Sampling Procedure for Resource-Limited Manufacturing Facilities


Sharp, Michael C.; Miller, Steven R.; Economou, John E.   (1989, ASQC)   Manufacturing Technology Research Laboratory, David Sarnoff Research Center

Journal of Quality Technology    Vol. 21    No. 3
QICID: 5643    July 1989    pp. 163-173
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Article Abstract

A new sampling inspection plan is presented which is tailored for products manufactured in continuous processes in facilities that do not have the resources for on-line 100% product inspection during periods of "rejectable quality." (Periods of "rejectable quality" are those which under standard continuous sampling plans require 100% inspection of the product.) The distinguishing characteristics of the plan are: (1) on-line 100% inspection of product is not required during periods of rejectable quality (i.e., product continues to be sampled at some constant rate), (b) there are explicit regenerative points in the process where the counting of sample sequences reinitializes, and (c) all decisions regarding reinitialization are based on the observed sample results. The plan has an extremely tractable mathematical structure, and it is quite adaptable to on-line operating constraints and to the choice of critical parameters that will guarantee a desired AOQL level. The paper concludes with a description of how such a plan has been implemented within a quality control final inspection area.


Sampling plans,Average outgoing quality limit (AOQL),Average Outgoing Quality (AOQ),Sampling

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