Reviews of Standards and Specifications: NATO Quality Control Standards


Biedenbender, R.E.; Rockwell, R.H.; Pabst Jr., William R. (edited by)   (1972, ASQC)   Office, Secretary of Defense, Washington, DC; Defense Supply Agency, Washington, DC

Journal of Quality Technology    Vol. 4    No. 3
QICID: 5120    July 1972    pp. 159-167
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Article Abstract

Since its inception in 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has undertaken a wide range of actions on problems on national, military, political and environmental concern. These actions have involved NATO in numerous matters of scientific and industrial interest, including collaboration in the area of quality assurance (QA) resulting in formal NATO agreements which foster exchange of quality assurance services between member countries. These agreements have been supported by the development of a wide range of NATO QA requirements in recent years. These agreements and requirements in recent years. These agreements and requirements are of interest here since they have an impact on NATO member contracts with U.S. contractors.This article will (1) briefly describe NATO, (2) review the need and generation of specific NATO QC agreements and documents and (3) discuss the ramifications of the use of these documents in Europe and the U.S.


North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO),Standards and specifications

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