Mind the Gaps


Kennedy, Denise M.   (ASQ)   Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Quality Progress    Vol. 50    No. 5
QICID: 39707    May 2017    pp. 16-22
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Article Abstract

Customer surveys show a decline in satisfaction of services, even in the healthcare industry. As patients are more likely to shop for medical care that they are satisfied with, some healthcare organizations are seeing a decline in revenue and thus must see more patients, which in turn lowers overall patient satisfaction. This cycle creates a service gap between the expectations and needs of the patients, and the level of service an organization can provide. There are five service gaps: failing to understand customer expectations, processes and services not designed with the customer in mind, lack of training and education for staff, unrealistic advertising messages, and providing an inconsistent level of customer service. A case study was done with Mayo Clinic Arizona (MCA) to identify what their service gaps were and how best to bridge the divide between medical practice and patient expectations. After taking steps to close these service gaps, MCA saw an increase in overall patient satisfaction.


Service quality, Customer expectation, Health care, Improvement, Marketing, Employee education & training, Case study

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