Salary Survey 2013: Behind the Results


Hansen, Max Christian   (ASQ)  

Quality Progress    Vol. 46    No. 12
QICID: 36401    December 2013    pp. 25-27

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Article Abstract

The 2013 QP salary survey revealed a slight improvement in 2013 in average salaries of quality professionals in the United States and Canada. New to this version of the annual survey was a set of questions asking hiring managers to describe what they look for in new hires. The methodology used for ranking the relevant factors is explained. The article also explains the methodology behind interpreting the large amounts of data from all sections of the survey. Sections focusing on the following factors present and analyze the survey results: 1) the methodology behind interpreting the large amounts of data; 2) salary by job title; 3) an analysis of regional variations, looking at salary by United States regions and Canadian provinces; 4) salary by number of years in the quality field; 5) salary by ASQ and Exemplar Global certification; and 6) salary by Six Sigma training. The correlation of quality professional salaries with various factors not covered in the print issue is shown in nineteen sections available only online, including four sections dedicated to self-employed consultants.


Salary survey, Career development

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