New Way of Management Tools for CWQC


Kamikubo, Hitoshi   (1989, ASQC)   Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers, Tokyo, Japan

Annual Quality Congress, Toronto, Ontario, Canada    Vol. 43    No. 0
QICID: 3572    May 1989    pp. 229-234
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Article Abstract

The Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) organized the International Confernece on Quality Control '87-Tokyo at the keio Plaza in Tokyo, with cooperation of the ASQC, the European Organization for Quality Control and the International Academy for Quality. Over 420 participants came from abroad. This level of participation was very gratifying for JUSE, especially given the unfavorable exchange rate of the Japanese yen for the overseas participants.One-hundred and fifty-one papers from 38 countries were presented, with all participants joining the discussion in each session. Prof. Y. Nayatani presented his paper on the analysis and synthesis of linguistic/verbal data in the processes of research, design, manufacture, sales and service of the products. His paper reflected over ten years of research and a variety of statistical research by the JUSE committee members. Details are available from the Reports of Statistical Applications Research. JUSE and the Proceeding of ICQC '87-Tokyo.The editorial boards for the Reports of Statistical Applications Research. JUSE decided to feature the Seven Management Tools for Quality Control, which are called "enu-nana" in Japanese because they have been developed enough to be useful in the various stage of business.Prof. Y. Nayatani was in charge of General Guidance of N7, and Mr. R. Futami was responsible for "What is N7." Mr. F. Asahide, etal., and Mr. Iwahashi were responsible for "Examples in industry." This special issue was circulated in many countries and its quality control innovations created a sensation.Many listeners and readers can understand how these new methods will be most effective in the stages of planning, research and development, designing and selling products.As a result, many orders for subscriptions of Reports for the Statistical Applications Research JUSE have been received by the secretariate of JUSE from abroad. Many requests to hold seminars on Seven Management Tools for Quality Control have come to these management tools.


Quality management (QM)

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