5S Shakeup


Casey, John   (ASQ)   Honeywell Aerospace, Tempe, AZ

Quality Progress    Vol. 46    No. 10
QICID: 35589    October 2013    pp. 18-23

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Article Abstract

5S is a management technique that helps organize a workplace by making it free of clutter, more visual and safer. The S's correlate to Japanese terms that mean sort, shine, set in order, standardize, and systematize (or sustain). 5S increases profits because it exposes waste that can be eliminated. North American organizations frequently initiate a 5S program and engage in a massive cleanup effort. Often, the organization skips the process of standardizing and systematizing, and moves to another area. Consequently, the disorganization returns a few months later. The authors suggest that this pattern is partly due to North Americans' culture of individualism and excess, and their lack of a self-imposed system of review. North Americans must start concentrating on the systematic reinforcement within 5S to achieve the profits that they are seeking. The article recommends starting at step four by defining your standard, and moving to step five (systematize) by having a process to systematically measure the orderliness, and then going to step one (sort). The article includes a case study of a machining company.


Basic, 5S, Lean, Quality tools, Lean manufacturing, Culture, Systematic improvement, Organizational improvement initiatives, Case study, 5S (visual workplace), Waste

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