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Kildahl, David D.   (1989, ASQC)   Keith-Stevens Inc., Eden Prairie, MN

Annual Quality Congress, Toronto, Ontario, Canada    Vol. 43    No. 0
QICID: 3549    May 1989    pp. 95-98
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Article Abstract

A large part of the challenge of the 90's is prevailing attitudes and beliefs about quality, and quality auditing in particular, that make up our legacy from the past. The attitudes and beliefs of the auditor, the auditee, and the client have a direct bearing on the results of auditing activity. To the extent that these attitudes and beliefs are appropriate to the circumstances, quality auditing will produce useful results and support a strategy of continuous improvement; where the players are at odds on any of several fundamental issues (the myths), the inevitable result is to impede improvement by waste of time and effort, confusion about roles and responsibilities, loss of valuable opportunity, and reductions of efficiency and effectiveness.

Attitude and belief are fundamentally matters of faith, rooted in myth. By taking care to understand the myths (good and bad, true and false) which inform the attitudes and beliefs of those around them the auditors and audit managers can make best use of available resources, communicate more effectively, capitalize on opportunities for improvement, and increase their personal and organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Widespread myths about auditing include the following:

  • - Nothing can be done.
  • - Defects heal.
  • - Good enough is good enough.
These and other myths about quality auditing will be examined and evaluated for their contribution to or their hindrance of the pursuit of continuous improvement in the 1990's.


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