Stepping Stones to Positive Response


Gwaltney, James A.   (1988, ASQC)   Mentor Management, Inc., Dallas, TX

Annual Quality Congress, Dallas TX    Vol. 42    No. 0
QICID: 3526    May 1988    pp. 840
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Article Abstract

Success in insuring the quality necessary to achieve world class production and service hinges on two major factors: technical expertise and management ability. Management ability suggests the capability to work at all levels of an organization in which your product or service is provided. Clearly, positive results require the cooperation and support of people in top management, peers in the work force, and the worker providing the service or manufacturing a product.

Successful managers learn very quickly that positive response is more than a matter of being correct, or having the facts, or making the rules. Positive response calls for being convincing and gaining a degree of commitment based on sound relationships.


World-class quality

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