Operator Owned SPC - How to Get It and Keep It


Pearl, Daniel H.   (1988, ASQC)   Corning Glass Works, Corning, NY

Annual Quality Congress, Dallas TX    Vol. 42    No. 0
QICID: 3522    May 1988    pp. 817-821
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Article Abstract

Why have many of the past quality or process improvement efforts in many companies, Corning included, been unsuccessful? Because they have been someone's program. Ownership was never transferred when implementation took place. Over time the system deteriorated.

The key to successfully implementing SPC, or any other effort, lies in the quality principle of meeting requirements. This means establishing a customer-supplier relationship. The customer for SPC is the process itself. But who owns the process? The production operator does. They are the true customers for SPC and therein lies the key to successful operator involvement and ownership.

The production needs to be an integral part of the SPC effort from conceptualization through development and implementation. Rather than just giving them a system, we need to engage in a partnership and develop the system together. After all, they know more about the process than anyone, from the "trick" that are used to make it run to all the things that aren't right with it.


Chemical and process industries,Statistical process control (SPC)

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