Higher Education for the Quality Professional


Coleman, Edward P.   (1988, ASQC)   University of California, Los Angeles, CA

Annual Quality Congress, Dallas TX    Vol. 42    No. 0
QICID: 3448    May 1988    pp. 367-371
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Article Abstract

There is urgent reason to believe that Higher Education for the Quality Professional is one of your and my greatest challenges for enhancing the Quality of American products and services in the competitive world today. Thus, we Quality People must explore and ask what is meant by the words Quality, Profession, Professional and Education?

The above troubling questions have led many concerned groups to review and study the characteristics of the first professions of Theology, Medicine and Law, which are sometimes called The Learned Professions and Professional Fields. Each of these renowned fields have been found to sponsor superior education and training, and their practitioners have had to conform to the highest standards in their respective services to humanity. Among many other modern day organizations and divisions of society, it is generally agreed that Engineering and Engineers do more nearly conform to the great precepts of these learned professions. Thus, Engineering may justifiably be singled out as the next true profession with its new and unique areas of responsibility and service to humanity.

Many planners, organizers and leaders in the field of modern quality operations in Education, Government, and Industry have called this field the Quality Field. They use such terms as quality control, quality assurance, quality inspection, quality engineering, etc., to describe basic quality functions. They have also identified the major academic subjects which constitute the Quality Field and which are centered around the functions of design, production, conformance, reliability, safety and management for quality products and services. These leaders also see the Quality Field as truly an Engineering Field and that concern for Quality is significantly evident in almost every area of human life and activity.

These same planners, organizers and leaders have found that many Engineering faculties of our best colleges and universities have resisted accepting Quality Field Education and Technology as a proper discipline for inclusion in their Engineering Curricula. Thus, the principal focus of my remarks today is briefly to describe a possible new type of a centrally-administered, world-wide university organization which can embrace appropriate curricula for the full modern Quality Field. Feasible educational programs can be planned for truly interested and dedicated Quality People to earn bonafide academic degrees of Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Engineering and Doctor of Engineering in their Quality Field.


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