Salary Survey 2011: Slow and Steady


Hansen, Max Christian; Wilde, Nancy J.; Kinch, Eileen R.;   (ASQ)   Bright Hat Communications, Sacramento, CA

Quality Progress    Vol. 44    No. 12
QICID: 34214    December 2011    pp. 26-30

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Article Abstract

The percentage of respondents to the 2011 QP Salary Survey who were unemployed was 2.7 percent, down from 3.1 percent in 2010 and a record high 4.9 percent in 2009. While fewer respondents said their companies were taking steps in response to the recession than in past years, many companies were still adjusting staffing levels and cutting pay and bonuses. Notable results in the survey include the high salaries earned by quality professionals who worked part time as consultants while working another full time job, the U.S. Pacific region and Alberta in Canada having far higher salaries than the rest of North America, a more than 10 percent rise in mean salaries for quality professionals with over 10 years of experience compared to those with 6 to 10 years of experience, and significant salary gains for professionals with ASQ certifications appropriate to their positions.


Canada, Certification, Quality profession, Surveys, Unemployment, United States of America

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