SPC - Assembly Line Application


Khan, Ahmed   (1988, ASQC)   General Motors Corporation, Flint, MI

Annual Quality Congress, Dallas TX    Vol. 42    No. 0
QICID: 3402    May 1988    pp. 75-80
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Article Abstract

Wherever there exists a process (meaning the essential process elements - man, material, method, machine, and environment present), there exists an application of SPC. Contrary to the prevalent belief that an assembling operation should not worry about process control activities but simply shoot the bolts, nuts, and screws, it has been determined that there are at least a hundred critical characteristics which need to be monitored on a continuous basis. And, what more could be as effective as SPC? Some of the characteristics are listed below:


  • 1) TV Cable Adjust;
  • 2) Flushness & Gaps;
  • 3) Belt Tension;
  • 4) Torque;
  • 5) Wheel Geometry
  • 1) Electrical Items;
  • 2) Welds;
  • 3) Paint Defects;
  • 4) Leaks;
  • 5) Fluid Levels
These characteristics affect the overall performance of the vehicles. According to a recent survey conducted by auto manufacturers, the top five items of concern to customers are:
  • 1. Fuel Economy
  • 2. Smoothness of Ride
  • 3. Freedom from Squeaks/Rattles
  • 4. Exterior Finish
  • 5. Transmission Smoothness
Even though the 6,000 or so parts which are assembled by about 600 operations may conform to specifications, putting them together could make all the difference in the salability of a product.This paper will attempt to suggest the ten essential steps needed to implement SPC in an assembly plant. With two actually plotted graphs, the paper will list the various activities involved in identification of assignable causes of process variation and reduction of natural or common causes of variation, with the ultimate goal of achieving stability - capability - and centeredness.



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