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Krzykowski, Brett   (ASQ)   ASQ

Quality Progress    Vol. 44    No. 10
QICID: 33936    October 2011    pp. 18-21

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Article Abstract

The 2011 ASQ Future of Quality Study has identified eight factors that will soon have a major impact on the quality profession. Concerns about social issues have led to the rise of global responsibility, an expansion of existing social responsibility policies to address the global impact of organizational decisions as well as issues such as human rights, fair operating practices and societal contributions. Consumers have greater access to information about the products and services they purchase than ever before thanks to the rise of social media. Globalization has been an important force for over a decade, but it is becoming increasingly complex and pervasive. The pace of technological change is getting faster. The workforce is increasingly defined by flexible work hours and more workers than jobs. It is also becoming older, leading to higher health costs but also creating new markets. The scope of quality itself is broadening. Innovation, the ability of a company to adapt to change, is the key to survival in the dynamic future.


Change, Consumer, Employees, Globalization, Innovation, Quality profession, Technology, Future of quality

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