Cultural Change - JIT and Total Quality Commitment


Dale, Everett H.   (1987, ASQC)   Northern Telecom, Inc., Minneapolis, MN

41st Annual Quality Congress, May 1987, Minneapolis, MN    Vol. 41    No. 0
QICID: 3390    May 1987    pp. 840-843
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Article Abstract

New product introduction is a critical phase in the total production system. The objective of this presentation is to describe the major sequence of events in initiating the new products manufacturing concept of Just-in-Time/Total Quality Control (with the tongue twisting acronym of JIT/TQC), pilot program, training, transition workshops, and current status. Off-site planning sessions were followed by educating senior management on Just-in-Time. Then, a display terminal manufacturing process was chosen for the pilot program. Assembly time was cut from five and a half days to 88 minutes with a sharp reduction in defects which was good news for the company and its customers. Excellence emerged as prices went down, quality went up, and orders were processed right away.JIT/TQC training was established for everyone in the division. Transition workshops were set up and a plan developed on how to progress from the way business was currently being done to business in the future. The future embodies a new line of data/voice systems and integrated terminals being built with JIT/TQC from the start. The plant did not need to add space to manufacture the new products. Similar benefits to the pilot program are being experienced on the new products. A higher quality product is being produced with a short lead time at signficiantly less cost. The goal is to be able to produce and ship to the customer within three days after the customer turns in an order. That is while off, but it can be done. The idea is simple: JIT/TQC totally eliminates those steps that do not add value to the end product. The benefit for everyone is better asset management.



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