An Equation for Quality, A Working Example


Miller, Edward A.   (1987, ASQC)   Westinghouse Electric Corp., Baltimore, MD

41st Annual Quality Congress, May 1987, Minneapolis, MN    Vol. 41    No. 0
QICID: 3385    May 1987    pp. 807-814
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Article Abstract

In order to produce a product for a customer or obtain a product from a supplier, the universal equation for excellence must be satisfied - Quality. The universal equation of excellence is: Quality = Definition + Communication + A Positive Attitude + Teamwork + Dedication + Experimentation + Implementation + Documentation + Verification + Recognition.

To meet a specification or satisfy a customer need, it is the first priority to fully undersatnd the requirements.
Once an understanding has been made as to what the requirements are, an open channel for the transfer of information must be developed and maintained.
A Positive Attitude:
It is essential to establish an environment in which seemingly unworkable conditions will not prevent the ability for resolution of problems.
The capability of working together in an arena where mutual trust has been established is imperative.
The team or individual must pursue diligently the means by which the requirement is to be achieved.
Alternative methods of attaining the same requirement must be pursued.
Provide an accurate record of the problem, solution, and the steps taken to resolve the problem.
Obtain the necessary resources to fulfill a requirement.
Assure the requirements have been met.
Congratulate those parties involved in resolving a problem or assuring that the customer has been satisfied.
This equation for quality is the result of an effort between Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Mid East Aluminum, and the United States Air Force. Mid East suppliers aluminum extrusions requiring tolerances 75% tighter than aluminum commerical standards to Westinghouse for ground based and airborne radar systems used by the United States Air Force. In order to fulfill the requirements, much development has taken place. This effort has resulted in going from a 45% compliant yield to 100% compliant yield in mateiral delivered to Westinghouse.

Included in the text of this paper are: the benefits of applying this equation for quality; how this equation for quality has been developed and implemented; the methodology by which process variables have been identified and controlled at Mid East Aluminum, and identify special equipment which has been developed for the application at Mid East Aluminum.


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