Quality: Yours, Ours, or Theirs


Carter, Jr., C.L.   (1987, ASQC)   C.L. Carter, Jr., & Associates, Inc., Richardson, TX

41st Annual Quality Congress, May 1987, Minneapolis, MN    Vol. 41    No. 0
QICID: 3383    May 1987    pp. 794-801
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Article Abstract

Education:Management at all levels must understand the need for a Quality Improvement Program...A Quality Assurance Program...A Materials Management Program...and An On-Going Motivational ProgramSystem & Procedures:These tools must be developed, tailored and used to meet the need...These must be 'How To' tools which are simple, understandable and useful, or they will not be utilized. The tools and techniques are required. Do not 'Short-Circuit' your plan with 'Short-Cuts'Training:Training must be provided to both Management and Personnel to develop their skills in using the tools which will allow implementation of the Quality Improvement Program...Hands-on training with visible evidence of proficiency is a must.Motivation:Everyone must be willing and want to use the tools because they see they have the need to Improve Quality, Reliability, Safety, Performance, etc. All signals, signs and communications from management must be the same or the program will fall apart and fail. Finger-pointing from department to department relating to responsibility must be eliminated. The positive approach to teamwork and 'We can do it' must be practiced every day. Management must be motivated to participate every day forever after they have made the commitment to the Quality Improvement Program and to the long term Quality, Reliability and Safety Program. Without 'motivated management team' who are all involved, concerned, dedicated, interested and participating, we can generate great savings, achieve superior Quality, improve productivity and profitability, gain and retain marketshare, reduce people problems and turnover to the lowest levels ever and openly compete in the Quality Market-Places of the world or...where ever we want toQuality Assurance:A very small elite professional team or perhaps 'One Person' of a stature and experience who will randomly audit, report, counsel, train and develop people at all levels, represent and promote the corporate entity with pride and integrity, and enhance the profession of Quality in a dignified and professional manner. Be the 'Check and Balance' on Quality as an 'Early Warning Prevention System' and to assure positive corrective action and customer satisfaction.Quality is our only hope for the future. Quality people can and will provide the systematic approach to the planned quality program to assure the future. The quality the customer wants and buys must be: Yours and Ours, not Theirs.



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