PC/Inst - Personal Computer Installation Audit Information System


Gipe, Jan P.; Guyton, Deborah A.   (1987, ASQC)   Bell Communications Research, Inc., Red Bank, NJ

41st Annual Quality Congress, May 1987, Minneapolis, MN    Vol. 41    No. 0
QICID: 3377    May 1987    pp. 755-763
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Article Abstract

PC/Inst (Personal Computer Installation Audit Information System) is a system designed to allow a client company to do sampling resource allocation, and vendor rating and reporting for the client's installation audit activities, all from a personal computer. Installation audits are performed by some clients to assure the quality of installation work done on telecommunications network equipment, such as switching systems and transmission facilities, for example.PC/Inst is completely menu driven, allowing even first time users to use the entire system. The features of the sytsem include: interactive sampling resource allocation, screen oriented data entry, on-line and printed reports, graphical reports, product and vendor maintenance facility, backup and recovery routines, and an interface to the dBASE III software package. Each of the featurse of the system represents a separate module or subsystem. This modularity allows PC/Inst to be expanded or tailored to a particular installation audit application. The implementation of the system is done using commercially available hardware and software. The deliverable system consists entirely of executable code meaning that users are not required to purchase any additional software unless they require further access to the data. In that case they must have dBASE III, which is the underlying database management system, and use the interface provided.The sampling resource allocation is based on the BELLCORE-STD family of sampling plans. These plans are cost effective and incorporate recent quality history very precisely to effect an appropriate increase or decrease in sampling intensity. For rating, the system uses a state-of-the-art statistical rating scheme used thorughout Bellcore Quality Assurance, known as the Quality measurement Plan. This quality rating method optimally combines current quality data with recent past data to make a better statistical evaluation of the current quality of each type of installation being rated for the current rating period, rather than basing the rating on current quality data alone. Some of this quality information is then fed back into the sampling plna. The graphical methods for displaying the quality rating results provide interval estimates of current quality and a trend line on the long run average of quality.Though the system is currently designed for sampling, rating and reporting for installation auditing, with slight modification it could be used in any application seeking a means of doing quality rating or quality improvement. These applications would not only include quality of products but quality of processes or services as well.



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