Honey - Not Vinegar


Pressburg, Raymond A.   (1987, ASQC)   Martin Marietta Corporation

41st Annual Quality Congress, May 1987, Minneapolis, MN    Vol. 41    No. 0
QICID: 3360    May 1987    pp. 636-637
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Article Abstract

The purpose of this paper is to bring to the forefront a valuable quality tool that is seldom discussed in quality areas. The paper stresses the importance of the effective use of "tact" within a quality organization. The intent is to stimulate individuals into evaluating their individual methods of implementing quality procedures and practices. Hopefully, this approach of using tact (honey-not-vinegar) will change a few attitudes toward quality techniques as pertains to the human relations area. It is well known (whether we like it or not) that personnel assigned to quality are not the most popular individuals in an organization. The use of tact by quality personnel is a step toward changing this image.If any quality program is to be successful it is necessary that all personnel assigned to the quality program, inspectors, supervisors, and managers alike, understand the importance of tact and being tactful. All quality programs require quality personnel to interface with others, it is during this interface that tact becomes a most important quality tool.The paper stresses that quality personnel are part of the entire organization and they must act accordingly, they must learn to bridge departmental barriers. Quality personnel must be able to understand their individual role in the organization and be able to effectively relate to other areas.As quality personnel we must be able to identify problem areas in such a manner that our findings are appreciated and not resented, this can be accomplished through the use of tact. Obtaining quality results is our goal, and this goal can be obtained when we instill in others the need for quality. When quality relates to others in a positive manner they will have a tendency to think positive about the quality area and obtaining quality results.



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